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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Four Ways to Use Your Worn-Out GroVia Aplix

As they say, the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. Today, I’m talking about death… the death of aplix on my favorite GroVia AI2. After four years of use and (yes, I admit) abuse, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. But now what?

If you aren’t familiar with the GroVia design, the entire front panel of the AI2 shell is looped fabric. So while some other cloth diaper companies offer replacement hook and loop kits for worn-out diapers, it really isn’t feasible for GroVia.

The good news is you are not out of options. Here are 4 ways you can keep those GroVia shells in your normal rotation.

1) The “I’m desperate and broke” method: It can sometimes be a little awkward wrestling more layers on a kid when the diaper isn’t completely cinched, but if you can secure the flaps closed using the elastic waistband of a pair of not-too-stretchy shorts or pants, you’re good to go. Yes, you can’t go showing off the super cute fluffy, but after 4+ years, the cute prints may not be quite so cute anyway.

2) The “I’ve got a teeny bit of money to spend” method: If you are halfway decent with a sewing machine (or needle and thread), you can always purchase your own hook and loop tabs and stitch them on to your GroVia shell. If you don’t want to affix the inside layer of the shell to the outside, it could take a bit more time and maneuvering to carefully stitch the new tabs just to the outside layer, but when you are done: working aplix.

3) The “I’ve got a teeny bit of money to spend and no sewing skills” method: If you are penny-pinching when it comes to your baby’s clothing, chances are you watch the clearance racks at department stores or scour thrift stores frequently. When you do, keep an eye out for diaper covers that once were part of a two-piece set and have been separated from the dress. While this may only net you feminine diaper covers, you can always look for simple solid colors, too. Think the old-style rubber pants only cuter, without the rubber, and will all the aspects of your favorite GroVia AI2.

4) The “I’ve got a little money and don’t mind snaps” method: While the manufacturers of GroVia don’t offer replacement aplix, they do have a Snap Conversion program. You send them your clean aplix shells, they put in coordinating snaps and send them back. Easy-peasy and only $5 per shell. As for me, I’ve never met a snap diaper that I’ve liked. It seems as if I am always trying to wrestle the diaper and child so that I can get just one snap to line up. I choose aplix every chance I get. But I have a feeling that if ever there would be a snapping diaper I would like, it would probably be GroVia.

Don’t plan to cheat death all the time, but with these ideas, you might just be able to get a few more years of wear from your GroVia aplix diapers.

Bio: Becka Olson writes and mothers from her home in Southern California.

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