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Monday, February 9, 2015

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Falling In Love With Rumparooz

My adventures in cloth diapering began innocently enough. I was newly married, and not even pregnant yet when a neighbor and good friend of mine wanted to introduce me to her stash. Cloth diapering saved her youngest son's little rear end from horrible rashes, caused by chemicals used in modern day disposables.

Pockets and inserts. Prefolds and covers. AIOs, FSTs, and a plethora of other abbreviations that were at the time foreign to me, surrounded us as we sat on her living room floor. I was overwhelmed. I was in awe. I was in love. The colors. The designs. The simplicity of it all! How could I say no?

A little less than a year later, I found myself pregnant with my first daughter. When she was born, I put in my first order of diapers. I was hooked. They were adorable.The flowers, polka-dots, and eye-catching colors called out to me. I found myself picking diapers to match her outfits, and shopping for outfits to match her diapers. Whenever we strolled through the baby section of the store, I was appalled at the cost of a case of diapers. In fact, I realized that we wouldn't have been able to afford disposable diapers without major lifestyle changes. I was very thankful for the affordability of cloth diapers.

Then I got pregnant with our second child. Now, when our first was born, I did not do enough research, and wound up purchasing a few dozen cheap pocket diapers with microfiber inserts. You know the kind. The ones that look like all the others made over-seas, bearing a slightly different tag sewn on the side. Those ones. I understand that they work for some families. And they worked for ours. For a little over a year.
But then they started to leak. And reek! Yuk!

When I had begun my journey, I was hoping the diapers would last through at least two children, and these barely lasted long enough to get my oldest to potty-training age. Then I got pregnant with my second child, and realized something had to change. I had to find a better cloth diapering solution, or (gasp!) thrown in the towel, and use disposables. Like I mentioned before, disposable diapers just weren't in out budget. I Googled. I Facebooked. I Youtubed. In short, I did my homework. That's when I discovered the ease and customizability of prefolds.

And I discovered Rumparooz covers. Their colors and prints were to die for. And the double gussets. Oh, don't get me started. They saved many an outfit from newborn poop-splosions. They fit perfectly over my little one's tiny butt and chunky thighs. Now, please understand that I am not one of those obsessive types, who must have a complete "rainbow" of diapers put out by Rumparooz. I don't need to have one in every style. I just want the colors and styles that I like. Which happens to be pretty much all of them. So excuse me, as I need to go and stay up well past my bedtime, nursing a cup of coffee, just so I can get my hands on that new print.

Bio: Allyson is the mother of two little girls: Annabelle, and Hazel. She loves writing and taking care of her family. During her free time, she likes to watch cooking shows and daydream.

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Keara B. said...

We love Rumparooz too. :) They were my first cloth diaper and still one of my favorites! I have two little red heads and just had to say that your little one melts my heart... she's so cute!