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Sunday, February 8, 2015

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What Type of Wet Bag is Good for Me?

If I was asked “what accessory is a must-have when cloth diapering?” I would respond, “ a wet bag!” What I love about cloth diapers is that they are very versatile. You can always make it work on every budget. I have three wet bags- one that is for my diaper bag, one that is a large Bummis wet bag with a string, and one recently purchased that is a large Planet Wise zipper wet bag. I will tell you the pros and cons of all three.

I love the small wet bag because I can travel with it. My diaper bag has many pockets and I fold it in a pocket until I need to store a dirty diaper. It is very discreet and keeps from getting other items in the diaper bag from getting wet. The only obvious ‘con’ is that it will only hold 4-5 diapers. This is a good wet bag to have if you are going out grocery shopping, the library, or any other place longer than three hours. If you do not have a budget to purchase a small wet bag, I would suggest folding a plastic grocery bag or large plastic make-up bag in your diaper bag and once at home, throw away the grocery bag or rinse the make-up bag. In my opinion, this is the least necessary wet bag to purchase if on a tight budget.

When cloth diapering, you must store the diapers until laundry day. There are many options such as diaper pails, buckets, and wet bags. Personally, I have a wet bag that holds 2-3 days worth of diapers for two children. I like to hang wet bags on the doorknob of the restroom because when we have guests come over, I can always hide it in the tub behind the curtain or place it in another room. I am one to store away toothbrushes when guests come over, so hiding the wet bag when guests come over is a personal preference. I have a Bummis wet bag with a string and they are very durable! They do have a zipper as well as the string. I leave the zipper open to keep air circulating. The PUL is very strong and when placed in the dryer, it only takes five to ten minutes to dry on low heat so I can take it back to the restroom to store the dirty diapers. The only con I can find about a string wet bag is that it is difficult to take the string out to wrap around the doorknob. In my opinion, this is the best wet bag to purchase if on a budget.

The Planet Wise wet bag was awarded for being an excellent wet bag and wanted to give it a try! Pros: they are wonderful for those who hate touching the dirty diapers on laundry day!! You open the zipper and dump the diapers in the washer and you do not have to touch the diapers. The only con that I could think of was that the outer fabric of the wet bag takes a long time to dry. The PUL is dried but I feel I have to hang-dry it or put it in the dryer longer than 15 minutes. In my opinion, this is an excellent wet bag but the large is small. It was much smaller than my bummis wet bag. It can hold about 15-17 diapers.

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Bio: My name is Claudia Thompson. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, ages 4 months and 21 months. Started cloth diapering when second baby was 10 weeks old. Zero blowouts with cloth diapers vs. 20 blowouts (or more!) with disposables! I live in Texas so we have sunny weather and can show off some fluffy bums!

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