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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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5 Reasons Why Babywearing is the Best Way to Travel Through an Airport with Your Little One

I have been on fifteen different flights while traveling with a tiny human. And I have worn my baby through the airport on all but a handful of flights. But the times I didn’t wear my little guy was when I was pregnant with my sweet number 2, so my husband wore him instead! I could not imagine going through the airport process without strapping my baby on – and you shouldn’t either!

As we’re all dreaming of vacations to warm places through this dreary weather, I’m often thinking about now having to fly with two kids for the first time this May. Thankfully we have more than one baby carrier! So, here are my five reasons why you should always consider wearing your baby in the airport.

  1. Once you strap your baby on, you never have to take them off! We use a soft shell baby carrier when traveling, mostly because it’s easier to snap right on when we get to the airport - the second we walk through the door we stop and strap that baby on! This is key particularly when you’re going through security. Rather than pulling your kid out of a stroller and holding them while juggling everything else. Which leads me to my next point… 
  2. You have two free hands! Nothing makes standing at a ticket counter, going through security, or retrieving luggage easier than actually being able to use both your hands. Without the extra factor of juggling a tiny human or two, you can get through the various lines with ease. 
  3.  Without your tiny human moving and grooving on their own, they’re less likely to be exposed to as many germs. If I let my little guy walk freely around the airport or airplane, he’s going to touch every single thing he can possibly get his hands on. I’m certainly not an alarmist, but with all the highly communicable diseases floating around (starting with the common cold or flu), I’d rather my child not touch every handrail in the entire building. 
  4.  Naptime can carry on, as usual. Particularly when you’re constantly in motion, I’ve found that my babies have been so at ease while I wear them at the airport that we don’t have to worry about them not being able to take their nap. We all know how important this is, especially when you’re looking to start your vacation or big adventure off on the right foot. 
  5.  It makes you and your kids feel safe. Let’s face it: navigating an airport with small children in tow can seem overwhelming. Imagine how your kids feel. When you have your baby strapped on, you always know where they are, and they always know they are safe with their mama or daddy. And moms and dads, I’m sure you’ve all felt that temporary panic of, where’s my kid?! When your kid is staring up at you, while they are attached to your body, you can avoid that moment of terror.
If you haven’t already put babywearing to practice while traveling in an airport, I highly recommend it. We have never flown without our baby carrier, and I don’t think we ever will. Bon Voyage!

Bio: Emily lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, 2 year-old son, 4 month old daughter and two dogs. She’s new to cloth diapering, but not babywearing, and you can read more from her at

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Anonymous said...

Very helpful and very practical. Happy travels, Emily and family!

Anonymous said...

Very helpful and very practical. Happy travels, Emily and family!