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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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How I went from "Ewww" to Proud

As a young girl I saw my aunt using cloth diapers, long enough ago I don't even remember what style she used but I can only assume that she used flats and plastic pants. My reaction then to cloth diapers was an emphatic "eww, no way I'm EVER doing that!" (Never mind that I have literally been facefirst in... "mud" and jumped back up laughing to continue chasing the cow I was after! )

So, how did I go from "never ever" to #MakeClothMainstream ? It was a journey that actually started with mommycloth!

In the year before I got married I started seeing more and more information about the chemicals in disposable pads and tampons. I also saw a blog post (don't ask me now which blog) where she talked about having a lighter flow after switching to cloth because her body wasn't being irritated by the chemicals!

Well after getting married I finally made the leap. I grabbed some of Cowboy's cotton work socks out of the mending bag and made myself some mommycloth! LOL hey, I'm too frugal (sounds nicer than cheap) to buy something that I'm not sure I'll use! Come to find out, I love them! I change my pad less often, don't get the rash that I thought just came along with "Aunt Flo" and I don't have that embarrassing trip to the store every month! (You know the one, where you search for a checkout with a woman...and hope she doesn't say something about your purchase! )

Then I found out I was pregnant! By this time Cowboy and I were trying to be fairly "Crunchy" so I was researching natural baby stuff. Besides, if not putting those chemicals on MY bottom made such a difference, it only made sense that it would be better for my baby as well! (Never mind my pocket book, have you seen what diapers go for these days?!?) I saw that there were "real" diapers (read, no safety pins required) out there that you could reuse! My first thought was that I'd make the diapers, but then I saw the patterns and chickened out.... I'm not what you'd call very crafty. So I started haunting the preloved diaper pages, as well as buying all the flats (including receiving blankets), prefolds and floursack towels I could find at garage sales and thrift stores.

When Lil Buckaroo got here a friend gifted us with several covers to be used with flats and prefolds, that was pretty easy, "Hey! I think I can do this!" Unfortunately, what fits a 9 pound newborn perfectly doesn't fit for long! Thankfully I found what looked like an amazing deal on some bumGenius diapers! After researching BG (incidentally that's how I found Kelly's Closet! ) I bought what turned out to be a nice assortment, I now had pockets, and AIOs, snaps and velcro to play with! I was then gifted some new BG pockets! My stash was well on its way and I..... well lets just say my stash isnt finished ! (Addicted? Me?!? Neverrrrr! Besides, if Lil Buckaroo is ever a big brother we'll need more diapers, right? Right! LOL)

Cowgirl Mama is a new mom loving life in the country with her husband and son. You can follow her on her blog at:

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