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Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Our Favorite Cloth Diapering Accessories

Our family has been cloth diapering for almost 5 years now. We are currently cloth diapering our second boy, and will have 2 in cloth when our baby girl is born in July. There are a few cloth diaper accessories that I cannot live without. I would recommend them to anyone!

My first essential accessory is a wet bag. I have a few different sizes. I have a Rumparooz Wet Bag that holds quite a few diapers. I have put an outfit for both of my boys and 3-4 cloth diapers in it and there is room to spare. I use that bag for our longer day trips. I also have a wet bag that holds a single cloth diaper. I keep that in my purse at all times so when we are out running errands or something I can do a quick change as needed. For our laundry, I used a pail sized laundry bag. I put that in a small trash can. This open pail system has been working for us for many years now. I find I have less stink issues since I use an open pail system.

My second essential cloth diapering accessory is CJ's Butter. We love the CJ's Spritz for daily use. We use it after baths and before bed to keep them fresh and rash free. I have the sample sized and tube of BUTTer on hand for when their bottoms start to get red to prevent a rash from appearing. It is rare that we have a rash and I feel like this is a big reason since we use preventative actions. The only time we see rashes is when he is teething and needs to be changed more frequently than normal. I can't wait to try their Boobie Butter when our baby is born in July also.

My other favorite cloth diapering accessory is our cloth wipes. They are so easy! I stitched them up quickly out of 2 layers of flannel. The squares are about 8 x 8 inches in size. I leave them dry in a bin with our cloth diapers. I wet them under the faucet before we need them. I have left disposable wipes in our cloth diaper laundry before accidentally and I feel it makes our diaper laundry have more static. I just find it easier to go cloth with everything! It has also saved us so much money. A disposable pack of wipes can last us weeks now (since my husband doesn't use them), instead of days. It has eliminated digging wipes out of our diapers when we use them too. It just all goes in the dirty laundry after everything is dumped.

Finally, it is important to find a good detergent that works for you. We have tried many and we are currently using Rockin' Green's Hard Rock formula. It has been working for a few weeks for us. We have had a hard time finding a great detergent since we have hard water. Adding Calgon didn't seem to help our diapers get cleaner with other detergents. We have done an RLR soak a few times in the past 2 years. It really refreshed our diapers and made them like new again. Finding a detergent that works for you seems to be a trial and error process. It can be frustrating, but once you find a detergent that works – it makes your diapering experience so easy!

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