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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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I have finally come around to cloth diapering!

It took me seven years to finally come around to cloth diapering. I kept hearing about it from various friends and relatives, but it just sounded too weird. I was fine using disposables until my fourth baby arrived. At that point both my two oldest were still wetting the bed every night and my toddler wasn't ready to potty train, so I was buying disposables for four children.

One day after buying disposable diapers at the store and mentally adding up how much it was costing me each month, I got really fed up. Something had to change. I couldn't make my boys stop wetting the bed and I didn't want my frustration at having to spend a ton on pull-ups make them feel guilty for something that was beyond their control. Suddenly, it dawned on me: what if there were cloth pull-ups? And if I had to run a wash with those every morning I might as well run a wash for all the kids diapers. This thought filled me with a tremendous rush of glee. I would NEVER have to buy another disposable diaper ever again!

I remember the first time I took a batch of clean cloth diapers out of the dryer. It sounds silly, but after all those years of throwing stinky stuff in the trash it totally blew me away that these things had been totally gross but now they were clean and I could use them again! So began my love-affair with cloth diapers. Yes, it is more work, and with four small children it's no easy feat. But it just feels good. I love putting a batch of clean diapers back in the changing table each day. It more than makes up for the extra effort.

-Sarah E., Blog Contributor

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