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Friday, October 17, 2008

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Why are there so many choices?

Have you ever gone down the aisle of your local drugstore and were amazed at all the medicines just for colds? There are so many it will make your head spin.

Yes, there are just as many options for cloth diapers too! For the person who just is starting to investigate cloth diapers the Internet will give you a whirlwind of information and options.

At Kelly's Closet alone we offer 300+ cloth diapering products. Why?
There are many reasons why someone will cloth diaper. Environmental reasons and money savings are the two that come to mind.

With the recent state of the economy we have seen a huge increase of customers who are looking to use cloth diapers as a way to trim the family budget. Did you know that you can save up to $2500 over the course of 2 years of cloth diapering even using our most popular one size cloth diaper, the BumGenius one size diaper? Now if you were to take that $2500 and invest it in a very modest 5% CD in 18 years that $2500 would be $6015.55! If you invested that $2500 in a more aggressive stock fund at a 10% return in 18 years you would have 13,899.79. Just in time for college!

We offer many varieties of cloth diapers as every families needs are different. The popularity of the one size cloth diaper has been the trend for the past 18 months in the cloth diaper world. Many families have 2 working parents and they want the simplest cloth diaper to use.

Many families have a stay-at-home parent and money is a little bit tight so they opt to use a more frugal cloth diaper system like chinese prefolds and Thirsties Diaper Covers.

The next family loves cloth diapering their children so much that they want function and fashion. This is where diapers like Blueberry One Size Minky cloth diapers come in to play. Tennessee mother Margarita McClure started this new line of fashion-forward cloth diapers. She incorporates the ultimate diaper by using fabrics sourced from the USA whenever possible and uses aqueous dyes.

If you are overwhelmed by all the cloth diaper choices please feel free to contact us at any time. This was one of the reasons why we opened 2 of our speciality sites: Fuzzi Bunz Online which showcases just Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers, and One Size Diaper Store which offers you all one size diapering products from the top manufacturers.

No matter which brand of cloth diapers you choose you are making a wonderful decision that makes your baby more comfortable, lowers your carbon footprint, and saves you money.


Amy said...

I recently made the switch - 2 weeks ago -- I am really interested in all Organic, no plastic cloth diapering. There are so many choices and it is very overwhelming!

Kelly Wels said...

Yes, when you get online and start searching your head will spin with all the choices. My little 4 month old is a tester for everything new. We still haven't made or way thru every product in the store but we are getting there.

Anonymous said...

Another thing, that I dont recall reading.. is each brand has a different fit. Where the BumGenius is very similar to pampers. However, pampers dont fit every baby. Some brands are better for babies which thicker thighs, where others are great for babies with smaller legs. Sometimes bigger bellies, vs smaller bellies. Add the combo of bellies and legs, and it MIGHT take time to find the perfect fit for your fluffy bum baby.
I have found BumWear's fit nicely on my littlest guy, yet not the best on my bigger guy. They still all work great. But you simply will find some fits better for your childs structure, vs another brand. Not to mention the options of touch-tape, velco, hook and loop, snaps. Different names, yet typically the same thing. I found that velco is best for expandable bellies. Yet, as a child gets to toddler hood, sometimes said toddler can remove their diaper easily. So, then snaps come in handy.
Thus your need for so many different styles and brands.
My cloth diapering mom friends LOVE cloth diapering and find that our babies look the cutest, in just cloth!

Kelly Wels said...

Yes, great points on how one diaper will fit for one baby great and won't for another baby. It is always fun to try out different brands before you decide on one particular type.
I am still making our way thru the store testing things on Riley. I just tried the Tiny Tush One size elite diaper on him and it works terrific.

Heather M said...

There's definitely a lot of choices! I'm so glad I made the switch!