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Friday, October 31, 2008

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Mommy's Little Helpers

Cloth diapering is a family affair at our household. In some form or fashion everyone has a "job" when it comes to diapers. I have two older children- Olivia (10) and Hanz (8). Olivia is so helpful in more ways than one. She loves to entertain Riley (4 months), helps me give him a bath, gets his clothes, and the best part- changes his diaper! She doesn't even complain if he did a "you know what!"

Olivia has a calm spirit and a very good energy about her. I told her she would be a wonderful pediatrician and she is considering it. She is a 5th grader and loves to dance. She takes jazz and tap lessons. She also enjoys taking horse-back riding lessons. She keeps asking me- "Mommy, when are you going to have another baby?" What a sweetie!

My son Hanz is the official diaper folder, snapper, etc! He knows the name of every brand diaper without looking at the tag. He keeps telling me he loves the Blueberry One Size Minky Diaper by saying, "Mommy, I just love that tie dyed diaper." (It's not really tie dyed but looks that way.) As you can see from the picture he is snapping a Fuzzi Bunz.

Hanz is a smart little boy. He loves to read and hardly ever watches tv. He skipped 2nd grade and is now in 4th grade at age 8. He tells me, "Mommy, someday I am going to be an inventor."

We have a points reward system here at the house. I just love giving reward points! Each task is worth a point. At the end of the week they redeem their points and can put it in their savings and/or spend as they wish. It is a great program and gets everyone involved in the daily routine. Hanz gets 2 points everytime he snaps a batch of diapers and I give Olivia a certain amount of points for helping me do extra things around the house.
I am so blessed to have three wonderful children and I am especially grateful to Olivia and Hanz for helping me out each and everyday!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Wow!!! I LOVE this post!!! You are very blessed!!!! And they are all very cute too!!

Kelly Wels said...

They are all my little buddies! I am so grateful!

Angela said...

I have a 9yo that is my little helper, he is so good at changing ly daughters diapers, except he always puts them on backwards. My 4yo will help stuff the diapers and my 2yo love to pick out what diaper her sister is going to wear:)

Birrd said...

What beautiful children you have! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Angela,
It is fun when you get the whole family involved for sure. I just have to convince hubby to change diapers more. LOL!

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Birrd,
Thank you! They are true blessings!