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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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The Ultimate Nighttime Diapering Solution

After four months of trying all different types of diapers on my now 16lb, 4 month old son (yes, he is a chunk-a-munk!), I feel like I have finally figured out the ultimate night time cloth diapering system.

My first recommendation would be to use a pocket diaper. We have used Fuzzi Bunz, Bumgenius and Blueberry pocket diapers and the pocket diaper solution works great for us. The great thing about the pocket diaper is the length of time my son can wear them without leaks.

Take our nighttime routine, for example. I put my son down around 7:15 pm at night. He sleeps until 7 or 8 the next morning without a leak, no wicking, and no "sweating" of the diaper.

We use one Bumgenius one size micro terry insert and one Super Do Hemp Terry Insert inside the pocket part of the diaper. The diaper is a bit bulky but a baby can go 12 hours without a diaper change – so the bulk it no trouble and baby is sleeping anyway!

For a newborn baby who is still having bowel movements a night, this system isn't necessary as you obviously need to change more frequently when they are first born.

For the daytime, we usually use just a Bumgenius one size micro terry insert inside one of the pocket diapers. We also use the Bumgenius Organic one size AIO diaper (which doesn't require stuffing).

I would love to hear your comments about what you use a night for your baby! Let me know.



marbourcnm said...

My husband and I are expecting our first and I really want to use Bumgenius one size diapers. What's the difference between the inserts that come with them and then these others that you mention? Are the ones that come with the diapers also good?

Kelly Wels said...

Nice to hear from you. The BumGenius one size pocket diaper comes with a Bumgenius one size insert and a diaper doubler. What I do is use the Bumgenius one size insert and another insert called "Super Do Hemp Terry Insert". (this would be a separate purchase)
If you wash every other day I would just purchase 2-3 of the Super Do Hemp Terry Inserts.
This is the best system for night-time use.

Dalia said...

You write very well.

Amanda Sikes said...

I have never tried night time cloth diapering before. I think I will give it a try. Thanks for the ideas!

Attila & Tamara said...

We just got our first set of pocket diapers this week and I ordered a super do for nighttime. Tonight I'm planning to stuff that into a Happy Heiny's pocket along with a microfiber insert! This is our first attempt at nighttime cloth diapering!!! Wish us luck!