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Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Musing about FuzziBunz sizing

My son Riley is a little over three months now and we are making the way thru our Diaper Shops and testing out all types of diapers.

We have been using the original style Fuzzi Bunz at night time with my son and hands down these have been working the best for him at night. He is in the size small in the original style. He is a chubby baby and is in the 98% in his weight so the original style small is getting to small for him. (actually the rise is what is really small).

Today, we just sorted out hundreds of the new Under the Sea (ocean) print and they looked so cute I had to try one out. These are the new style smalls and they run bigger than the original smalls.

I tried one on and it fit him PERFECT and even on the tightest snap setting. My little (big) guy I bet is almost 16 lbs and I figure that he will be able to be in the size small for quite some time. If you are considering purchasing Fuzzi Bunz don't size up at all. The sizing is very generous. For an average to slimmer baby my guess would be that you can probably use the size smalls to at least 22 lbs maybe slightly more. With this in mind a majority of babies will only need size small and medium.

Just some food for thought.

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