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Monday, September 15, 2008

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Vegas BABY with a baby

This week my assistant (Karley) and I and my 3-month-old son went to the ABC show (All Baby and Child Show) in Las Vegas. It is the largest children's show in the country featuring thousands of manufacturers. We were also excited to go as there was over 30 cloth diaper manufacturer's attending.

I bet you are wondering if I cloth diapered when I was there. Yes, I did!

We stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn where we had access to a laundry facility. If you are planning on traveling and staying at a hotel you can call ahead and ask in they have "Guest Laundry Facilities". I decided to bring what I had in my stash: a Bumgenius Organic All in Ones, FuzziBunz, DryBees, and Wahmies.

I took two days worth and that seemed to be the right amount. One thing I would do differently would be to bring all pocket diapers. The all in one diapers are terrific however take a much,much longer time to dry in the drier.

I bet you are wondering if I used disposables at all? Yes, I am a bit embarrassed- owner of a cloth diaper business and I used disposables. You know it was a good thing and I will tell you why. Almost every single disposable diaper LEAKED!

I decided to use the disposables during our travel days. We left on a Monday morning to go to the airport and my son was hungry about half way there (45 min). I fed him and noticed a strong smell. I unbuttoned his one piece sleeper and there was a poop explosion right up his back. I went through more clothing changes when I used disposables. I also noticed that once my son peed I knew right away as the smell, just with a pee diaper, was so very strong. With the cloth diapers-honestly no smell.

Would I use cloth again traveling? Absolutely yes! But I would do 2 things different this time:
1) Bring all pocket cloth diapers; and
2) Use biodegradable flushable liners (to make cleaning up easier)


Dee Anne said...

We are planning a trip to the mountains soon. We plan to cloth diaper! There are no public washing facilities on the mountain so we will use disposables (ugh!) the first part of the trip and cloth diapers (yeah!) the latter part. I will bring the used diapers home to wash. I am going to use my large Planet Wise wet bag so there are sure to be no leaking before we get home. I love your picture in Vegas! It looks like you are carrying your "bundle of joy" in a My Baby Nest carrier. How do you like it?

Kelly Wels said...

I absolutely LOVE the "My Baby Nest" carrier. I am just not a sling lover and besides my 4 months is so big that when I did use a sling on him I felt like I was limping along with him.
The carrier centers the weight- Riley just loves it and hardly ever fusses. I saw this on the show floor and the company representative saw be carrying the baby and had me try one. I was sold.
There is no tying of the carrier and it is simple easy to use.