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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Your Baby Wears Diapers All Day and All Night – So Be Kind to Baby’s Bottom Line

Many moms complain when they realize that a good cloth diaper can cost up to $20 each. When they do the math, they realize they need to spend $400+ to get a good stash of diapers to use. But what they may not realize is that $400 on diapers is a really good deal! In fact, you’ll likely save $1,500-$2000 on diapers over three years! The savings doubles and triples the more children you have go thru the set of cloth diapers.

But what I want new parents to understand is that their baby will be in diapers almost 24 hours a day. You will get a lot of good use out of those diapers.

So you probably spent at least a couple of hundred dollars on (or maybe thousands?) on a crib. Plus you had to buy a crib mattress, 3-4 sets of sheets, a cute bumper, a fun mobile, etc. You probably spent thousands on the whole crib deal when you add it all up. You did this so your baby would be comfortable spending between 15-18 hours in her crib per day.

And you probably can’t resist, on occasion, to splurge and buy your baby a really cute outfit from Macy’s, can you?

My point is that you spend a lot on baby items – but nothing will baby use day-in and day-out like diapers. So when you think about all the money you spend on good, quality cloth diapers, keep in mind that your baby will be in those diapers ALL the time, unlike that cute outfit from Macy’s that she outgrew after only a few wears.

Investing in good cloth diapers is well worth the investment for both your bottom line and baby’s too.

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