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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Are you a cloth diaper addict?

There are many reasons to cloth diaper. Most people start cloth diapering either for environmental, economic, or philosophical reasons. The past few years cloth diapering has become not only functional but super fashion-forward.

Are you a cloth diaper addict? What makes a cloth diaper addict? Do you spend endless hours on Diaper Swappers chatting it up with others about what type of "fluff" purchases you just made. I have pondered many times..."At what point is cloth diapering an addiction?"

There are many trends with cloth diaper and one is the Good Mama One Size Fitted Diaper. For example- this past summer Good Mama and Sweetie Bums joined together to make some exciting combinations. How much do you think was the highest amount paid for a diaper at one of the auctions?......$296.00! WOW!
I know when Kelly's Closet added Good Mama Diapers to the store we had over 500 customers on the site at once. It was crazy and 100 diapers went in minutes.
You might be a cloth diaper addict if you:
-Spend half your day chatting about cloth.
-Have multiple packages arriving weekly of "fluff".
-You have to "sneak" your cloth diaper purchases into the house so your spouse or partner doesn't see you as you went over budget.
-You start selling things around the house on eBay or similar sites so you can purchase more diapers.
-You have posted at least 1000 posts at Diaper Pin or Diaper Swappers
-You have other people "stalk" for you when a company is having a "stocking" and you can't be around the computer.
If you are shopping for cloth diapers for the first time just don't be scared away by the average pocket or all in one diaper at $17.95. Believe can spend a lot more than that! Once you start purchasing you just might get addicted and can't stop.
Yes! Cloth diapering is FUN!


Katrina said...

Great post! *Raises Hand* I'm Katrina and I'm addicted to cloth.

itsahumanzoo said...

I have to say that I have noticed the Goodmamas addictions in the Cloth Diapering community I'm in. Fortunately for me, I don't have that kind of budget at all, and can only afford to spend a few bucks here and there on new diapers. I guess it's better just to stay away from the fancy ones. :)

Katie said...

I don't think I'm quite an addict by this definition yet... but I do find myself "window shopping" online OFTEN - and wishing I had some good reason to buy even more clothies.
I just love em.

Kelly Wels said...

Yes, it is addicting and even as a retailer too. I am addicted to cloth too and not just for business reasons! LOL

Melinda said...

i about fell out of my chair when i read the one about sneaking it into the house. i once had to have them shipped to a friend because i knew my husband would freak. lol.

Serena said...

I'm a cloth diapering addict and happy! =)

Christy said...

lol i was praying the ups man would get here yesterday before my hubby hahahahaha

Stacy said...

You know it's bad when you answer "yes" to almost every criteria question about whether you're an addice... LOL

Madison said...

You know its bad when you google "cloth diaper addict" and this blog entry pops up =)