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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Happy Heiny’s Fashion Show

PhotobucketWhile I read the very detailed product focus post about Linda and Happy Heiney’s here on Kelly’s blog, I never realized she was a local San Diego mom.

A couple weeks ago I received an email newsletter from Linda Byerline, creator of Happy Heiny’s, calling for newborns and toddlers to participate in a local diaper fashion show for 2 days of local news station interviews. It wasn’t a “paying” gig – but we would be allowed to keep the diapers our little one(s) would wear (and potentially be seen on television). For a cloth diapering mom – a free diaper or two is better than monetary compensation!

Needless to say I was thrilled to be accepted when I received Linda’s email response with the specifics for the event(s). I prepared everything the night before to ensure a seamless morning and even woke up extra early. However, as all mamas know, when you have to be somewhere at a very specific time, something always comes up to make you late. Although I planned to arrive at least 15 minutes early – thankfully, we were exactly on time!
I entered Linda’s local boutique, Baby Frenzy, and was amazed at the turnout! Babies of all shapes and sizes (and their happy mamas and a daddy too) were all gathered throughout the store. Linda was busy sizing babies and determining which diaper would fit best. My little guy, Ilyas, is only 2 months old and already 15+ pounds. We discussed putting him into a small Happy Heiny’s Pocket Diaper but settled on the Happy Heiny’s One Size Diaper in kelly green. My youngest daughter, Halimah, would also be modeling a Happy Heiny’s One Size Diaper in lavender.

WhenPhotobucket the news reporter and camera man finally arrived they were overwhelmed by the turnout. The reporter almost didn’t know where and how to begin because there wereso many of us. He met with Linda while we all prepared our little ones for the fashion show (the camera man shot footage of the process).

As I assembled the diapers, my first reaction was “WOW.” The fleece lining is lusciously soft. If I were a baby I would definitely want that against my bum! Stuffing the diaper was effortless. The velcro (aplix) tabs are also generously sized, very sturdy, yet incredibly easy to adjust to ensure the best possible fit and a speedy diaper change to boot! The Happy Heiny’s One Size Diaper truly is just that; it fit my 2 month old just as good as it fit my almost 3 year old.
Afterwards the reporter asked, “Who just swears by the one-size diapers?” Everyone raised their hands! From newborns to toddlers there were bums of all shapes and sizes sporting these awesome diapers in a large variety of colors and gorgeous prints.

We were also requested to participate in a live broadcast for an alternate news station the following morning. After I arrived a few minutes late, Linda was able to get me the diapers to put on my kids for the interview. This time they would be modeling the Happy Heiny’sPhotobucket One Size Diaper with SNAPS. Halimah in the cowhide print and Ilyas in a solid aqua. This was my first time using a diaper with snaps. Linda did an excellent job designingthe snaps version becauseI had no difficulties at all getting these on my kids. All in all – the snaps were just as easy and fit as good as the aplix version.

The producer asked that only the babies/kids be in the actual footage during the interview – so my daughter sat and held her brother on the blanket amidst the other little ones. Needless to say the anchorwoman conductinPhotobucketg the interview was very distracted by all the babies! However the message itself was loud and clear; today’s cloth diapers are NOT the cloth diapers of old – they are just as easy as disposables, better for the environment and gentler on your pocketbook!

I’m grateful for this wonderful opportunity to participate in promoting cloth diapers while also being able to try this product. Having now used and laundered them a couple times I can honestly say they’rereally great diapers!

- Serena, the newest contributor for the Cloth Diaper Whisperer's Blog.


Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben said...

Sounds like a fun event!

Shari & Andrew said...

LOL--I loved watching that news clip--seeing all those babies in their HH, crawling all over and getting into the packaging--too cute! My son has the HH one size in the cow print--we love it!

Angela said...

I bought onr just because I wanted the cow print... it was not my favorite at first, but as soon as my daughter got a little bigger, they soon were right up there with my BGs. I have a picture of her in the cow print one on my blog... they arte so cute!

Katie said...

I love the cow print too! I have that one and a few other of the one size HH. My DH thinks my son looks silly in the cow print, but I think it is adorable.

The photos are cute!!

Kelly said...

Awesome event! What a great way to get the word out that cloth diapers are so easy and convinient!

Jess said...

How FUNNN! A couple free diaps is always nice!

Kelly Wels said...

Thanks Serena for a terrific post. I just love the video and your two kiddos are adorable!

Dani said...

HOW FUN! It must have wonderful to meet other CDing families too!

Katrina said...

It's so exciting to see cloth diapers making a comeback. With pocket diapers and AIO's why would anyone use disposable?!

Erika said...

we have a couple happy heiny's (one size) to try out when our little girl arrives :)

what a cool event....loved all the babies in cloth!!

Sara in Seattle said...

awesome to see cloth diapers getting positive media recognition!

Serena said...

This truly was a fun event! Linda is amazing... she was kind and really took the time to talk to everyone or answer any questions. Nearly all of us who showed up have never even used, let alone owned, a HH diaper. I was a bit relieved once I realized I wasn't the only one!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cow print. I was so happy when she gave us the one to model because I was looking forward to having that print in my stash.

BabyLegs also makes some cow print leg/arm warmers... these would be an EXCELLENT accessory for our little moo's! =)

T said...

That's great that HH got news coverage. The more coverage cloth dipes get the better. The word on new cloth dipes needs to get out!!!

EdenSky said...

Sounds like a great event! I love anything that spreads awareness for cloth, and Happy Heinys have a lot of super cute colours and prints. I'm glad to hear they're making a snap version of their diapers because, to be honest, I'm not a fan of their aplix ones.

Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

Your babies were great! I am currently using prefolds and covers for day and one-size pockets at night. (The cow print, makes me want to get more One Sizes!)

the momma said...

We have one HH one size with aplix... bought it when we were making the switch from kushies to something that would fit 2 or even 3 children at the same time. The HH does have a generous cut- I can see it being used past potty training for naps and overnights- but we have had some problems with leaking. That may be from our old detergent (have since switched to one wo additives) or the inserts that came with it... we have since "stripped" it and have not had a problem, but I'm too chicken to try it during nap or overnight- why chance it when I have never had a leak with my fuzzi bunz or bumgenius???

Gina said...

Great coverage! I wish they did stuff like that in my area!

Serena said...

EdenSky: HH just came out with their snap version in October 2008 (I believe).

Kelly carries them in stock on her website(s). I know a lot of moms prefer snaps to velcro/aplix (particularly moms with wild stripper babies - haha).

They also came out with a mini one-size diaper for the newborn ages which is really cool. The newborn pictured on the post (Isaac) is wearing the mini one-size diaper. This is snugger around the legs to provide a better fit in the early weeks when most babies have the skinny legs.
HH Mini One-Size Diaper

My ONLY pet peeve (with any diaper really) is white snaps on darker colors... I really prefer when the snaps match the color of the diaper (like the new BG's do). =)

Kelly said...

What a great oppurtunity to try out a new line of diapers. I love the idea of a snap version of a OS diaper. I am just now converting my prefold/wrap diaper stash to OS diapers & pocket diapers and might have to try out a new HH snap and maybe a mini one too since I am expecting #3 in May. (I am really worried about the bulkingness of the OS diapers on infants)

Serena - Thanks for the great post. It's fun to get another mom's perspective one the different brands that Kelly's Closet carries.

Senior Family said...

how awesome .. i love my HH OS :) esp the snaps .. so i am jealous ;)