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Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Wrap Types: Pros and Cons

I have three different types of slings/wraps that I use. I really love all of them; yes I have my go-to one, but all three serve their purpose.

The adjustable sling:
Worn only in front, over one shoulder. I like using this one if I am running into the store quick because it is super easy to flip over my head and put her in. It does start hurting my shoulder after awhile though, so I keep it in the car for short trips.

* Easy to take on and off
* Can be rolled up small
* No tying or wrapping involved
* Baby tends to slide into a ball when sleeping
* not very secure to your body
* Out grown fast

Moby type wrap:
As I mentioned on the post from earlier today, I do not have a Moby Wrap, but have one like it, and can be worn many different ways. I love using this wrap while working around the house. Your baby is very tight to you and you can bend over and feel as though your baby is safe. When my baby is really crabby I can put her in this and feel comfortable wearing her all day and she loves it. I use this one mostly in the house. It takes a little while to put on, but once it is on it is comfy for hours, trust me I have used it for many many hours. She is actually in it right now as I type. She is happy to be close to me and I can type without assistants.

* Can be worn many ways
* Works for newborn to pre-school
* Easy on the back, baby is secure to your body
* Bulky to carry along
* Takes practice to put on

Mie Tie wrap:
can be worn either on your front or back. I like to use this one when going somewhere where I would need to hold her for awhile. Walking around the zoo and through the airport. It is more compact then the Moby type wrap and fits better in my diaper bag.

* Very compact
* Easy to get on and off
* Can be worn both in front and on back
* Can be used newborn through pre-school
* Not very secure to your body
* Need to make sure you have it tight or fabric can bulk in the front.


TheOGMamaBear said...

The moby wrap really does take practice. I'm still not that used to it, and I borrowed a friends for months.

Ashley said...

you are a wrap addict! =) thanks for the insight... i really need to find a carrier that works best for us. this week's blogs have helped tons.

Sarah said...

This was very helpful! Thank you!

Em said...

I'm definately a fan of the mei tai (say MAY tie) and have learned to make my own. Great for front and back carries and really comfortable

Upstatemomof3 said...

I just tried out my mai tei for the first time today (trying to find a comfortable carrier for Hubby - he is intimidated by the wrap) but I really do not like it as much. It pulls on me more and she does not seem as happy and secure in it. Now I just have to convince Hubby to get used to the wrap. :)

Sara in Seattle said...

Love seeing all the pros and cons detailed. Thanks!

Lauren said...

I have a sling, but I am leaning towards adding a Moby wrap to my collection!

Katrina said...

I've always thought the Mie Tie looked nice. My husband would roll his eyes if I bought another baby carrier though. (Just like he does when I buy more fluff) That's fine though, I'm satisfied with my Moby.

Stacy said...

These look awesome. I registered for a wrap for my shower, I hope I get one, otherwise... I am buying it!

Chic Mama said...

I think it is interesting that you say your baby isn't very close in a Mei Tai- I always felt like my son was very secure to me- it was one of our very favorite carriers! Everybody is different I guess!

Kristin said...

I have two carriers and one in the mail because you're right-- different situations call for different carriers. It's fun to have choices, too

Becky said...

Thanks for your insights. I think it's difficult to figure out what's going to work best... It all depends on the parent and the baby!

Aisha said...

Thanks for the insights..I've wondered about the various options.

hosiewosie said...

"so you can type without assistants" haha I know how that goes. My baby loves to press the keyboard buttons. When I let her, she manages to shrink the font in every window- still don't know how she does it.

Do you make all your slings, or just the moby-type one?

Katie said...

I have tried a Mei tai and just could not get used to it. My son did not seem secure in it at all . . . maybe I wrapped it wrong?

I loved my ring sling when my boy was a newborn up to 6 months old. I got a Beco carrier recently and love it. It is like a Mei Tai, but so much more secure.

mearat said...

I really like how you listed the pros and cons of different types of wraps.

*~*a.l.s*~* said...

I've tried the first two wraps but am very intrigued by the Mei Tai, too. Thanks for the info!

Kristen said...

Thanks for your advice on the wraps! Love hearing the pros and cons!

Denise said...

Thanks for all the great information!!! I have used a ring sling with my last 4 babies, but only during the newborn stage. Now I'm thinking I need to consider the Moby for our next baby

momof3munchkins said...

Thanks for the great info. I will get to try it on my new Moby as soon as it gets here!