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Thursday, October 22, 2009

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October Spotlight Mom

Name: Sue R.
Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina
Mom to: Brayden (2 yrs), Barrett (7 mos)
Occupation: Full time mama
Learned about CD: On Twitter!

Favorite brand: FuzziBunz What is one cloth diapering tip you wish you had gotten at the very start?
That you need to forget what cloth diapering in the past was like and embrace what time and technology has produced. I would have never even thought about doing this if I didn’t push all of my preconceived notions of what cloth diapering was like out of my head.

What is the one cloth diapering tip you would tell a new mom?
Educate yourself about all the different types [of cloth diapers] and how it would fit into your lifestyle. There is so much information out there that made me confused and overwhelmed. Ask for help and find support. It is sometimes hard for me because I am the only mom I know that uses cloth diapers.

Last movie you saw in the theatre (if any)?
I saw Inglorious Bastards while visiting family in California. It was a nice date night with my husband. I love Tarantino flicks!

What is one thing you wish you could do more of?
Work out and have time for myself. I RARELY get any time for myself and when I do, it is usually spent doing chores or household things. I also wish I had more time alone with my husband. We never have anytime for each other. When we do, it is so late that we just crash into bed and fall asleep.

What is the one thing you can’t leave home without?
My iPhone or my diaper bag. My diaper bag is one of those double Skip Hop bags that is bigger than any other bag you’ve ever seen. I am so lost without it because I don’t carry a purse.

Something fun that you want our readers to know about you?
Four things, actually: 1) I was a starving pastry chef once-upon-a-time, 2) I moved cross country while eight months pregnant to a place I had never even visited and lived to tell about it, 3) I have five really lame tattoos that I got when I was a teenager, and 4) I have a dream to see the Taj Ma Hal before I die.


Terra Jones said...

Woohoo for Wake Forest! :) A neighbor! How fun! We're wanting to see Inglorious Bastards too!

Amanda said...

I'm the same diaper bag is my purse! On the rare occasion that I go out w/out baby I have to remember to take my stuff out of the diaper bag and put it in an actual purse.

Amanda G.

rocketgurl said...

I like this..oh, er, is this a new segment on the blog?? I really like this. Nice to 'meet' veteran cloth diapering moms! And I think this gets everyone away from the idea that there is only a certain type of mom that cloth diapers.

Ryan, Corrie, and Max said...

LOL!! I hear you on the diaper bag thing!! And I do hate having to switch things out when I'm either about to use a smaller diaper bag for something or a REAL purse. Something always gets left behind. The bigger the better, huh??