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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Spotlight on Janet

Each week we'll be featuring one of Kelly's Closet's/ leading ladies. We've had the pleasure of working with them and we thought you'd enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the individuals who make it all possible.

Today we're featuring Janet.

Janet has been the bookkeeper for Kelly’s Closet since January 2008. Her role is essential, as she diligently keeps track of the finances and addresses a variety of administrative needs for the company.

Janet is married and has two kids Jen (20) and Joe (19), one grandson Ricky (10 mos), and a cat named Kitty. Here’s a bit more about Janet:

If you were a CD brand, what would you be and why?
Blueberry Minky Bamboo because they’re soft inside and out!

Favorite movie?
My Best Friend’s Wedding

One product you can’t live without?

Favorite guilty pleasure?
Ice cream, especially chocolate or any flavor with chocolate chunks!

Favorite book?
The romance series by Diana Gabaldon. They are about a woman who time travels back to Scotland. They contain romance (OK - lust), history, action, and language from my Scottish ancestry.

Favorite sport:
Bike riding and swimming

Favorite season:
Fall - warm days and cold nights are perfect!

Did you use cloth diapers for your kids?
I didn’t use them with my two kids because I didn’t know anything about them when my kids were little. Cloth diapers have changed so much in the last decade.

What inspires you?
Nice weather, a hot cup of tea, music, kind-hearted friends, my to-do list.

What are four words your mother would say describes you?
I’m her favorite daughter.” She has mid-stage Alzheimer’s and this is one of the things she remembers to joke about. Truth is I’m her favorite daughter because I’m her only daughter!

What is the best part about working for KC?
Working with Kelly Wels. She runs a top-notch operation and she’s great fun. She also provides a great working environment and lets me “spread my wings.


Kelly said...

Thanks for letting us get to know the people behind Kelly's Closet once again. I love to be able to put faces with people I do business with.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I'd wprk with Kelly if I could :)

Big Mama said...

she seems like employee of the month! hehehe...

Jessica said...

Great taste in books, the "Outlander" series is one of my favorites!

Arizona Girl said...

Mmmm icecream- we have the same guilty pleasure.