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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Introducing the New Gro Baby Getaway Package

A few weeks ago we sent out an email requesting suggestions for new Gro Baby packages. We received many wonderful suggestions; in fact we're still going through all of the emails!

We are proud to announce the new Gro Baby Getaway Package:

"I'd offer the GroBaby "Getaway" package, with everything you need to spend a few days away from home with 3 shell sets and a package of bio soakers. If you were using biosoakers on the trip, you wouldn't need the regular soakers, but who would really want a bunch of shells without soakers? Anyhow, that'd be sweet."- Suggested by Slee F.

Congratulations to Slee who will receive 1 Gro Baby One Size Diaper Shell Set.

Thank you to everyone for your participation! If we decide to utilize any further package suggestions (exactly as suggested) we will contact you.


Slee said...

This just makes me smile, a lot. It is a really great grouping, and when you're home, you have the regular soakers, and can use the shells with prefolds too. I <3 our Gro Baby diapers.

fancygrlnancy said...

That is a great idea!! I love grobaby. I only have 1 shell and 3 soakers so I would need more shells. I have not tried the biosoakers yet, but would LOVE Too. Congrats Slee!

Mike and Jess said...

So, while pregnant i decided to use gdiapes as my hybrid choice, and as much as i hate to admit it because i hate to give up on something, BUT i can't stand the diaper. it is difficult to use and completely unreliable when it comes to leaks.

So now, i am on the search again and don't know what to do...gro baby? flip? something else?

I have a friend who uses flips, but has a lot of problems with messy covers after every use. My babies are just 3 months and exclusively breastfed, so poop is runny and we need good protection from blowouts! I'd like to know what everyone's fav. hybrid is and why?

Gotta figure this out before we go visit our hometown for a month, and i don't want to purchase something else i don't like--and the hubby would certainly NOT be happy about it!

Anna said...

What a great idea! Congrats Slee on coming up with it!