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Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Seattle Mom Documents Her Switch to Cloth

Seattle Baby & Toddler Examiner, Rachel Ostrander, is conducting an experiment.

This writer and busy mom of a nine year old and an infant is making the switch to cloth diapers and is documenting it all in the online publication, the Seattle Examiner. She’s taking her readers through the process from start to finish – from stuffing inserts to finding detergents to washing – and giving them a real-life glimpse into cloth. I’ve given her some tips and advice about getting started and I look forward to helping guide Rachel through this process. It’s a great way for anyone who’s thinking about switching to learn exactly what it takes.

I encourage you to check in with Rachel periodically … comment and cheer her on! She’s in for a very big, but very positive change in her life and we’re happy to be a part of it! Go Rachel!!


Alycia said...

This is fantastic. If it inspires just one mama to switch it's worth it. I just hope it teaches people that cloth is cool and not just "your mother's cloth diapers".

Good for her!!

ONCE upon a time.... said...

how cool! i'm in the seattle area so it's nice to see cloth diapers getting the attention they deserve here! go, rachel! :)

Crystal said...

Way to go Rachel! I am so glad I switched to cloth and would recommend it to anyone. It's way easier than you think!
aboverubies15 at yahoo dot com

Arizona Girl said...

I hope her journey helps introduce the world of cloth to many readers who didn't know cloth was a real option.