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Monday, February 22, 2010

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Knickernappies One Size Diaper: iParenting Media Winner!

Knickernappies One Size Diaper is a proud winner of the 2009 Best Products Award from iParenting Media!

What goes into creating an award-winning diaper? Come behind the scenes with me for a moment.

I’ve owned Knickernappies for about 4 years. My husband works with me and together we wear all of the hats: packing, shipping, designing, sourcing, customer service, etc. Two years ago, we were ready to create a One Size diaper. But since our diaper is side-snapping, this presented some unique challenges for designing a one-size-fits-all diaper.

On our kitchen table, I set up my sewing machine and cranked out sample after sample. After about 10 prototypes, over the course of a year, I had a pattern that I was ready to take to our sew shop for a professional prototype. We went through another five or six prototypes over 6 months. First the snaps were way too high and interfered with the side snaps. Then the snaps were way too low and just looked uncomfortable for baby. We got the snap placement just perfect, but I really wanted a top-stitched diaper. Those look so clean and finished…but we had elastic on the belly and that interfered with the fit if it was top-stitched. Around and around we went, tweaking and testing. Our local testers used a variety of prototypes and gave us valuable feedback on what they liked the best, what worked, and what didn’t.

Finally in April 2009, after nearly 2 years of sewing and testing, we started official production of the Knickernappies One Size Diaper. They released to retailers in June 2009. Last fall we submitted our diaper to a panel of judges and to our great joy, our diaper was awarded one of the Best Products of 2009 from iParenting Media. What an honor to have all of our hard work anointed with a seal!

By Heather - Owner and Creator of Knickernappies


Missy said...

I love Knickernappies! Congratulations!

Crystal said...

Congrats! My hat is off to all the designers out there who put so much work into designing cloth diapers. It sounds like a difficult process, but all us cding moms and grateful!
aboverubies15 at yahoo dot com

Arizona Girl said...

I hadn't heard about Knickernappies before. I'm going to have to look into them.

fancygrlnancy said...

congrats Knickernappies!! I just got my first Knickernappies in a cloth diaper exchange and love it already.

Britney said...

After reading about these diapers, I may have to give them a try. They sound so easy to use and very reliable!