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Monday, April 19, 2010

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Momprenuer, owner of Kanga Care LLC, invents new product that proves her company is recession-proof!

One of our favorite manufacturers/diapers, Rump•a•rooz is receiving a deserved highlight in the press!

Golden, CO - March 23, 2010 –
In the heart of the recession, Kanga Care saw a 400% increase in their gross revenue growth in their 3rd year. This start-up company blossomed out of Julie Ekstrom's living room while she packed and shipped orders out of her garage. Just 3 years after the first sale of her hand made invention, the company has moved into a warehouse/showroom in Golden and has given jobs to 4 full time employees. Kanga Care now ships their signature product, the Rump•a•rooz® One-Size Cloth Diaper, around the world to over 28 different countries.

In a time where every penny counts, Kanga Care is saving families upwards of $3,500.00 per baby. The Rump•a•rooz® is a modern style cloth diaper that looks and functions just like a disposable diaper with the exception that it is re-usable. A popular parenting magazine reported that 43% of new parents are choosing cloth diapers for their family full time, 12% are cloth diapering part time.

Julie, the owner of Kanga Care and 30 year old mother to 3, invented the Rump•a•rooz for her daughter who was severely sensitive to the chemicals in disposable diapers. "This was never my intention, it just happened. I created a solution to help my newborn baby girl and soon found other families that needed the same solution. I've just done everything step by step to get where we are." Julie is expecting to receive notice sometime late 2010 on her patent pending application for the Rump•a•rooz® One-Size Cloth Diapers. You can read more about the product and company here.

Republished with permission from Rump•a•rooz


Hannah said...

That's an interesting statistic about the 43% doing fulltime and 12% part-time. I know that many (most?) of my college friends now starting families are using cloth, but I only know of a few people locally.

fancygrlnancy said...

I just receive my first Rumparooz and I LOVE IT! I wish I had more. SHe made a great product.