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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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BumEssentials Twitter Party Wrap Up!

This past Thursday night, May 6 was the Intro Twitter Party for Bum Essentials cloth diaper line. If you had the chance to Party with us you met the creator, Nora Cates, and learned about the products and the inspiration behind them. It was a lot of fun. There was even a little pre party warm up at the Bum Essentials Facebook page. That got everybody in the party mood. If you have never been to a Twitter party they are the best. You can come dressed however you want (who’s going to know), meet lots of people with the same interest as yourself- cloth diapers, and not worry about a babysitter. Well anyway here are some of the party details in case you didn’t make it or wanted a recap. Those who have tried the Bum Essentials system really like it and were happy to share what they had experienced using the products.

At this party everyone who RSVP’ed to attend had a chance win Bum Essentials goodies and there were a lot of great prizes. There were over 1300 tweets all about Bum Essentials Cloth Diapers. There were all sorts of questions asked about Bum Essentials products. What intrigued most of the party goers was the unique style offer by Bum Essentials. This is not your typical cloth diaper. Let’s start with the style first. Some refer to it as a Hybrid Diaper and others call it an All in 2. It is a one size cloth diaper. What is different about the Bumbino is the “Bum Pads”, inserts, snap into the front of Bumbino diaper shell. This makes the shell reusable and the Bum Pads very easy to be changed out. The Bum Pads are made of an organic cotton and bamboo blend and are offered in 2 styles. Bamboo was chosen because it is naturally antibacterial. This is a great feature. Another feature of the Bumbino diaper is the elastic waist in the front of the diaper as well as the back. Lots of party goers shared how they can’t wait to try this diaper out for the elastic waist. “Love the front elastic, it looks very comfy for baby!” & “ohhhh I like the idea of front elastic. no gaps? “ -shared Tweets from party goers. The elastic was added to the diaper to help contour the diaper around the baby’s tummy and help prevent leaks.

Everyone discussed the fit of this diaper. Most who have tried the Bumbino find it to be a trim fit diaper. It moves great on the baby with no gaps and fits nicely under clothes too. The “Terry Towel” Bum Pad was also highly recommended to those who like little bulk in the diaper yet still expect super absorbency. The “Classic” Bum pad receives great reviews for its all natural materials and its super absorbency. You can’t go wrong with either Bum Pad. It is up to you as to which one you will like the best.

Currently Bum Essentials comes in 4 colors. These colors are great for a boy or girl and everyone raved about the vividness of the colors. This brings attention to another unique feature in the Bum Essentials line. They also carry Bum Bags or as most know them Wet Bags. What makes these bags unique is their reversible feature. This was a big attention getter at the party. Who doesn’t like change? This bag color coordinates with the diapers too. They come in 2 sizes. The Travel Bag is great for little outings around town and the Large laundry size bag is perfect for lining your diaper pail. Anyone who has tried the bags LOVES them. This is what they had to say at the party- “The small bag is generous in size”, “The Bum Bag matches the diapers and are reversible with a drawstring closer! Double layer of material! SOOO NICE”, “My favorite bag ever! “, “I sooo want one of these!” Bum Bags are a must have for every Fluffy Stash and Bum Essentials recommends 2 of each size. This way you don’t have to worry on laundry day.

Overall everyone had a good time and learned all about Bum Essentials. Everyone did agree the A-Z kit was a great way to get started. The value is awesome and you get a chance to try out the line all in one box. The products that are “currently” available are great for your Fluffy stash. There are currently 4 primary colors available, 2 styles of Bum Pads, and 2 sizes of Bum Bags. The line offers variety and uniqueness. You will be glad you became a Bum Essentials fluffy stasher. Bum Essentials is a new and upcoming company. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on the next Twitter party!

You can currently find the entire line available at Kelly’s Closet.

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