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Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Keeping Committed to Cloth!

My mother is not too fond of my cloth. Come to think of it, my husband isn’t exactly enjoying the ride either. Sometimes when others find out I use cloth, they look at me like I’ve shaved my head. Cloth might be making a comeback, but it’s not exactly embraced with open arms by everyone. In fact it seems far from it.

I found my support from my fabulous mom friends at A friend I met through the group, and her sister were also considering cloth. Together we researched our options, and shared tips, and trial. Each of us found cloth love in a different way, but the experience helped us bond. I found appreciation for Blueberry one size, and my friend liked gDiapers, and Rocky Mountain diapers.

Having someone to relate with is the best support for cloth diapering and staying committed to it. In fact, I think it’s even started a movement in our group. We’ve met other moms who cloth diaper, and have even convinced some other moms to try it out. Maybe it’s not so uncommon after all.

Finding support is a great way to keeping committed to cloth, but it’s also a great way to spread the word. Next month our group is ordering a few items from Kelly's Closet and offering them as door prizes to members! Who knows, maybe our entire group will one day convert to cloth and we will have created a cloth community in our city!

If you are interested in starting a cloth diapering group, or just want to find other moms in your area, you can find or start a mom’s group on, CafeMom, and several others places on the web.

By Crystal H.

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hosiewosie said...

I LOVE pictures of groups of kids! there's usually 2 who are acutally smiling nicely at the camera while the rest are doing anything but... cute!