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Monday, May 3, 2010

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Product Focus: Bum Essentials

Bum Essentials was started by Adnan and Nora, parents of 4 young children under the age of 6. When their 3rd childre was born they starting thinking there had to be a modern cloth diaper available. Diapering was becoming very expensive. Nora searched and found the cutest cloth diapers. After she started using cloth diaper she realized her trash was cut in half and all the diaper rashes she had dealt with her first two children were non existent with using cloth. Nora wished she had used cloth diapers on her older two children because they had terrible diaper rashes all the time - not to mention the significant money savings. Motivated by her cloth diaper experience after a couple years she decided to get more involved in making her own cloth diapers. Nora had lots of ideas about how to make the perfect cloth diaper. As business owners they new what it would take to make a business work so they invested 9 months in planning and designing a cloth diaper!

They worked hard on all the products and the design. Nora sought out to perfect the modern cloth diaper by including everything she felt was important in a diaper. The Bum Essentials Bumbino One-Size Cloth Diaper is similar to a hybrid diaper, but it was nearly a year before other "hybrid" diapers were on the market.

Following is what is special about the Bum Essentials Bumbino One-Size Cloth Diaper:

1. Not a traditional pocket diaper. Nora disliked stuffing diapers because they were too time consuming and hubby couldn't help stuff because his hands were too big. Each diaper features snap in Bum Pads which are easy to change and clean.
2. Elasticized waist. Every diaper Nora used always had a gap in the front when they were on the baby and often resulted in leaks from the top of the diaper. The elastic in the front of the Bum Essentials diaper really helps prevent leaks!

In additional to the design, the material they use is just as important for a quality product. The diaper shell is made of waterproof coated polyester to prevent wetness from seeping through. The Bum Pads are made of cotton and bamboo blends. Once style has a hint of polyester for extra softness and flexibility. Bamboo was chosen for its antibacterial qualities and superb absorption.

Their Bum Bag is made from the same material as the diapers and have many nice features such as being reversible - giving you the ability to change the colors! The bag is also thicker so there is less chance of odors or wetness escaping the bag.

A lot of thought and care was put into their products to be user friendly and economical for parents and caregivers. They want their products to be known for their quality and ease of use.


Anna said...

Sounds like great products! Thanks for sharing :)

hosiewosie said...

haha hubby's hands are too big to stuff diapers- sounds like a cop out, I'm sure it's true though. :-)

Jess said...

I already ordered one in red, I cant wait to try it out, for myself.