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Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Some Parents Just Don't Want to Talk About Potty Training

Some parents just don't want to talk about cloth training pants and potty training. After all, who wants to admit that their little one is growing up? Parents tend to savor the innocent days of babyhood, relishing the times when their child was completely dependent on them for care. However, as your baby grows, you become more excited about the milestones they reach. The lure of accomplishment slowly overcomes your desire to keep your baby little forever. If you used cloth diapers on your baby, the move to cloth training pants is a natural progression. However, even parents who relied on disposable diapers for the baby years can find advantages in using cloth for potty training.

Cloth Training Pants vs. Pull-Ups
If you have spent any time with a group of parents who have toddlers or school-aged children, the subject of potty training will come up eventually. Frankly, these discussions can scare a parent! Some children are just plain difficult to toilet train. If a child doesn't want to reach that milestone, there really isn't a whole lot a parent can do about it. What you can do is encourage and motivate your child. Cloth training pants are a great way to do this. Cloth training pants allow a toddler to feel when they have had an accident, providing immediate sensory feedback for the potty training process. Disposable and pull-up type products do not offer this benefit. They are so absorbent that wetting often goes largely unnoticed by the child. While manufacturers tout many features that promise to alert the child to the issue, they rarely work as advertised. The simplest way is to allow the natural processes to teach the child by using cloth training pants.

Features to Look For
In order to make the potty training process work as simply as possible, you definitely will want a few features. First, look for enough absorbency to contain a single accident. Many cloth training pants feature a waterproof layer, keeping clothes and furniture dry while your child learns. You also can purchase cloth training pants that allow you to open the sides for easy changing of particularly messy accidents. All these features ensure that the potty learning phase will be a positive experience, both for you, as a parent, and for your child.

Creating a Successful Environment
Many parents who find themselves frustrated with potty training have neglected to create a successful environment before beginning the process. Just because you have purchased cloth training pants doesn't mean that your work is done. Before you start potty learning, take the time to be sure that your child is completely ready. Your child needs to be able to not only recognize the potty process, but also vocalize and communicate well. Most children are not emotionally ready until between 18 months and 2 years of age. So don't be too eager or disappointment and frustration is likely to occur. Once your child displays signs of readiness, you can then introduce cloth training pants and begin the potty learning process.


fancygrlnancy said...

THanks for this post. I am gettin started on potty training soon. Waitin until I have vacation time off so I can devote some good time to it. I do need to get some training pants too.

Crystal said...

This is a great post. I've been wondering if I would need to purchase cloth training pants or not when it comes time for potty training. They sound like something that would make the process easier than using only regular cloth dipes or underwear, and because I would like the have a large family, these seem like a good investment. How many training pants is it recommended that someone purchase for the potty training phase? Can they be washed with regular cloth diapers, with the same wash routine?

Nikki said...

My son is using the potty because he's interested but not quite physically ready to have full bladder control yet so we are definitely going to try the cloth trainers. We tried the Gerber trainer pants but they are not absorbant enough for this stage. We just got the Little Beetle trainer pants in the mail. Can't wait to try them.

The Smith Family said...

I tried pullups and cloth training pants. Underwear was the way to go for my little girl. Nothing made her feel wet than actually being wet. Sure it was messy for a week, but much cheaper and quicker!

Shelly said...

It's particularly odd to me to hear cloth diapering moms talk about not wanting to PT because they enjoy Cding so much....