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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Cloth Diaper 101 Webinars are a SUCCESS!

Since July, BabyKicks has offered a free online cloth diaper class for anyone who is willing to tune in. The class was started in response to the need to spread the word about cloth diapering. Many people are so used to the idea of disposable diapers that using cloth doesn't even cross their mind. So, we started thinking that if an online class was available to everyone so they can watch at home, at work (during lunch of course), or wherever they have internet access than people would be more likely to choose cloth over disposables. And, this makes it easier for dads and caregivers to learn about the many benefits and just how easy cloth diapering really is. Plus, there are so many cloth diapering options available today and so few local retailers that specialize in them that it can be hard to decide what type of diaper will work best for every family.

In our Cloth Diaper 101 webinars we explain the different types of cloth diapers, closures, how to wash, how to store, environmental impact, and of course the money savings. We have had an excellent turn out so far, and during our first class we had about 30 unique viewers from all over the United States! We even had a couple of viewers from over seas, and that was great to see. It's so nice knowing we have the support of our customers, retailers, and fellow cloth diaper advocates.

We plan to continue holding the webinars as long as there is a demand to learn about cloth diapers. We also want to thank everyone for the support we have received and we hope to convert more and more families as the classes continue. If you are interested in cloth diapers or you know someone who is hesitant, feel free to tune in to our next Cloth Diaper 101 webinar at Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised!

By Gina


Ding said...

Having a specific Cloth Diaper 101Webinars would significantly promote the use of cloth diaper especially in Asia. Perhaps the course timing is a concern for those located at another part of the world.
Anyway, great thanks for such an unreserved sharing...

Tara said...

LOVE this idea! I am defiantly sharing this information so hopefully someone thinking about cloth can join!

Sabrina said...

Wish I had know about this when I started CDing it would of been so helpful.