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Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Keeping your cool in cloth!

It’s pretty hot here in Louisiana (where I live) and we’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach, which has me thinking a lot about staying cool in warm weather.

First, let me dispel a common myth: I’ve heard people say that disposables are cooler than cloth, so they choose disposables in the summer. Maybe it’s an excuse to throw their money away and fill our landfills, but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t make sense. Material used to make cloth diapers, like FuzziBunz, were chosen very deliberately. These fabrics, like the polar fleece in FuzziBunz (did you know FuzziBunz was the first cloth diaper to use fleece?), wicks away the moisture from a baby’s bottom, which actually aids in keeping babies dry and cool. In other words, urine passes through the fleece and is absorbed by the insert, leaving a dry fleece outer layer against baby’s behind.

Okay, so now that I’ve dispelled this myth, I’d like to offer a couple more tips for keeping babies cool when the temperatures soar:
  • Let them go clothes-free! I think all us cloth diapering mamas agree that cloth diapers are meant to be shown! Just don’t forget the sunblock!
  • Wear loose fitting clothing. If your baby absolutely must wear clothes, dress her in loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing made from sweat-absorbing fabrics like cotton. Something that will blow in the breeze and won’t cling to them is best.
  • Keep the air flowing. While your baby might like hanging out in the car seat the rest of the year, summer isn’t the time to snuggle in close with fabrics. Lay her out on a blanket in the shade where there is a breeze or fan blowing.
  • Stay hydrated – this goes for you too, mom! Keep baby well hydrated in hot weather. Depending on your baby’s age, determine if you need to nurse more or offer alterative beverages to help them beat the heat.
  • Get outside when it’s not so hot! Plan outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s not as hot. Babies will appreciate a cool nap inside when the sun is blazing!
I’m not an expert on this topic, but I think any mom can appreciate learning from my experiences. Have a wonderful summer – what’s left of it of course! – and stay cool!

Known as the “Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper,” Tereson Dupuy invented the cloth diaper that started the entire modern cloth diapering movement more than a decade ago. She later turned her invention into what is known today as FuzziBunz cloth diapers, a popular brand of cloth diapers since 1999. As an inventor, business owner and mom to three, Tereson has many years of personal and professional experience in the cloth diaper industry, and she's excited to work with The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to offer her perspective on cloth diapering trends and insights.

By Tereson Dupuy


Kasper said...

I live in Florida, so I totally share the heat with you! And I totally agree cloth is way cooler than disposable both literally and figuatively! I'd rather see our sugar white beaches spotted with fluff than disposable any day!

Stephanie said...

I think clothes are a mixed bag. If you are outside, having your child in light colored clothes can be helpful to prevent sunburn - and prevent from having to lather on something with chemicals. But, if you are not in the sun, little clothing is a great option. I tend to put clohtes on my son if he will be exposed to the sun, but keep him in just a onesie or shirt if we are inside in 80-100 degree weather.

stevensmama said...

Thanks so much for this post today! I have to explain this over and over for friends that don't understand it! I live in FL and my son lives in his CDs no matter the temps! Plus we have lots of cute colors with his HHs so I rarely cover his bum! I laugh and tell people his outfit of choice is a sunhat, sunscreen and his HH....

kaheels said...

I recently switched to cloth diapers and I definitely haven't noticed my babies getting hotter or sweatier than they did in disposables. My little girl spends lots of time in just her diaper. I think it's really cute. I bought a bunch of little T-shirts that match her diaper covers.

Whitney Rushton said...

Thanks so much for the great advice! I have a question pertaining to the polar fleece... Since the fleece pulls the urine away into the insert and keeps the fleece dry, when or how often would you recommend changing the entire diaper? With a pee diaper, would you just change the insert each time and let the cover go or what?

Thanks for your time and product!!
We love the Fuzzi bunz onesize and can't wait to use them!

Sabrina said...

I will take any excuse to have my daughter in her CD they are so cute and that means less laundry.

Harry said...

Ou baby girl got really hot in her car seat. We took off her clothes, cut the AC up, did everything but she was still very uncomfortable. We finally installed a car tint kit from SnapTint to cut down on her annoyance. Works great so far, also keeps the car cool for grownups too.

Alycia said...

I can't understand how people can think plastic could possibly be cool and allow skin to breathe, especially in super hot weather. I just don't get it.

I get the same looks when I tell my family wool is the coolest thing for summer. They think I'm nuts!

Unless we're going out, Tommy's summer uniform is just a diaper, and maybe some babylegs depending on how dirty the floors are lol

The Smith Family said...

I just had to comment because the baby in that photo is just too darn cute. Adorable, adorable, adorable!

Laura said...

I currently live in Arizona so I love the tips in this post. Excellent!

M and M said...

I also notice that my little man gets hotter in a prefold and cover than in a pocket!

Melody said...

Great info to show disbelieving friends and family. Thanks! (and I *love* FBs!)