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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Thirsties- Proudly Made in USA

Kelly's Closet is proud to offer diapers that are made in USA. Diapers made in the United States help support our local economies as well as help to promote job growth throughout the country. After being made in USA, diapers are shipped all over the country and, sometimes, the world to accommodate the cloth diapering needs of parents and babies.

One brand that produces made in USA diapers is Thirsties. Thirsties was developed by Erin Kimmett. Established in Canon City, Colorado, Thirsties has become one of the largest suppliers of made in USA diapers.

All of the cloth diapers produced by Thirsties brand diapers are designed and manufactured in Colorado. The women who produce Thirsties brand diapers are so dedicated to boosting the United States economy that they only use American made products in the manufacturing process of each and every Thirsties diaper. Every button, strip of Velcro, scrap of fabric or strand of thread used to put together a Thirsties cloth diaper is made in USA. Diapers are produced with careful consideration that all components be not only made in the United States, but that they are made from the very best fabrics and other materials.

The women at Thirsties feel that by purchasing only American made products to produce their diapers that they are doing their part to support the economy within the United States. They have also opened up positions in their area and have created a small job market for people in the Colorado area.

Aiding the Economy and Environment
When parents purchase made in the USA diapers, they are helping to further the progression of the United States economy as well as support the “green” movement. Disposable diapers can last more than 600,000 years in a landfill and create waste that flows into our oceans and other water systems. Parents help support the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle when they use cloth diapers. Each cloth diaper can be reused over and over in order to help reduce the total amount of disposable diapers that make it into landfills each year. Washing and recycling cloth diapers helps to protect our environment and to keep our planet “green.”

The creators of Thirsties cloth diapers are firm supporters of the green movement. There goal is to become one of the first Carbon Neutral manufactures of diapers made in USA. Diapers are now stored in a 4,000 square foot historic warehouse in Canon City, Colorado. Solar panels have been installed with full capacity configuration in order to help reduce CO2 emissions during the production process of their Thirsties made in USA diapers.

By Kelly- aka “The Cloth Diaper Whisperer”


StephanieU said...

This is a brand I have thought of buying if we have a third child because of the Duo system. This information pretty much sealed the deal (if we have a third child).

Kara - Wife, Momma, Doula said...

I really would like to try the Thirsties brand...I have heard so many positive things about them!