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Thursday, May 12, 2011

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Keeping Up With Cloth

As a mother of three little girls four and under, I am constantly strapped for time! Cloth diapering when I had two little ones seemed much easier than it does now, because recently I've found myself not having time to deal with the diaper laundry! There are times when I have wanted to give up completely, but cannot stand the thought of my lovely FuzziBunz stash not being used. I had to make this work, I love our cloth!

I ended up making my diapers their own schedule! Crazy maybe, but I had to dedicate two mornings out of my week for "Diaper Care Day!" When I will wash, strip, sun dry, and re stock our stash for the week to come! Our oldest two girls love helping me hang and stuff the fluff, it becomes a family thing!  It works perfectly for our family now, there is never "the last clean diaper" in our house!

Cloth diapering is great and has transformed our family, but it's obvious that it does take time and a little bit of work to keep up! Sure, it's not as easy as taking off a disposable and tossing it in the trash, but the savings, both money wise and green wise, is definitely worth it! So if your feeling a little overwhelmed or strapped for time when it comes to caring for your cloth, mark one or two mornings (or nights! whenever works for you!) to get it done for the next few days, and keep on a schedule so that it never comes down to having one more clean diaper and a pail of dirty diapers while your walking out the door to work! It works and it's worth it!

By Shay P.


Lissydoll said...

We're still a one kid family, and I already get overwhelmed with laundry sometimes... I don't know how I'd manage with four!

Erica Nicholas said...

This is actually a reason why I'm still debating on cloth diapers. My baby's father doesn't want to use them, even when the times comes when we'll be living in separate homes. When my son goes to his house he's just going to use disposables. He thinks I won't be able to keep up with the laundry. This post has made me feel better about wanting to try out cloth.

the Shipe's said...

we already have a whole laundry schedule & we are a family of 4. It helped SO much when I had the realization to make a schedule! MWF are our diaper laundry day. T is household stuff (like towels), Th kids clothes, & Sat is adults clothes! yes I have to do laundry everyday (& i do sometimes get backed up), but I prefer it so I dont have the "last diaper" or "last clean pants" syndrome! haha

Julie said...

I have a schedule for my diapers too! It makes things so much easier! And, it's helped with stink issues!