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Sunday, June 12, 2011

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The Diaper Decision

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t give diapers much thought. When I did look into them, it was really an easy decision. I didn’t want to be creating all that trash using disposables, and when I found out that using cloth was cheaper, well why wouldn’t you go cloth? There are so many benefits to cloth diapers.
  • Cloth diapers save money. (Prefolds save more, but even All in Ones cost less than disposables). Use cloth wipes to save even more. If you have a second kid, they get free diapers! Plus, you can sell cloth diapers when you are done with them. These two points make even a fancy, spendy diaper stash more economical than disposables.
  • Cloth diapers have less waste. I’m changing my girl about 15 times a day or more. That’s 105 diapers a week or 5460 for a year! She should be going less often as she gets older, but that is a lot of trash that we are not making and lot of disposables that we are not buying.
  • Cloth diapers keep poop out of the landfill. You’re supposed to remove and flush the poop from disposable diapers. Does anyone do that?
  • Cloth diapers are better for baby’s skin. Disposables have chemicals such as dioxin in them. I say less diaper rash with cloth as my daughter got a little rash the few times she wore disposables and hasn’t since we have been using cloth full time. Some people say it is because of not changing often enough regardless of diaper type, but my experience indicates less rash with cloth.
  • Cloth diapers smell better both on the baby and in the diaper pail. I know I wash the diapers more often than I take out the trash. I don’t think we would even have enough room in our trash can to use disposables; we would have to pay for extra trash pick up (another money saver of using cloth)!
  • Cloth diapers help with potty training. If you are using a diaper with cotton next to the skin instead of a stay dry type it helps baby associate peeing with feeling wet. Hopefully helping baby get out of diapers earlier.
  • Cloth diapers are convenient. You don’t have to run to the store to get more; you just start the laundry. Does not spending that gas money count towards the money cloth saves?
  • Cloth diapers are easy. If you’re trying to convince someone to give them a try, try some All in Ones, or ready to use sleeve or Pocket style. My husband’s favorite is the GroVia All In One. You just put it on the baby, no stuffing or unstuffing or covers there. It’s that easy.
  • Cloth diapers are super cute! There are so many different styles and price points; there is something out there for you!
  • What if you like the idea of using cloth, but don’t like the idea of washing poopy diapers? You really can have someone else do that part with a diaper service.
Hopefully I have mentioned some benefits of cloth diapers that you may not have thought of. Saving money with cloth was the biggest factor in the decision for us, but I’m definitely happy about the benefits to baby, the environment, and me; I’m happy that diapers are something that better actually costs less.

Melissa is Mom to one little girl and she enjoys talking about baby gear. She is also the fiber artist at RainyDayArt.


Heather Johnson said...

I agree, cloth diapering is cheaper but if you are going to count gas with trips to the store, you should count water usage and electricity to wash the diapers

Higgs Happenin's said...

Good post! I'll be passing this on.

Rachel said...

Posts like these make me so excited to start cloth diapering when my little one joins us in October!

Kim said...

@Heather, the difference in my water and power bills from washing diapers is minimal and no where compares to the cost of disposable diapers! I would be surprised if it added $5/month to my bills combined, where as disposables are easily $40-$60/month if i remember from DD1