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Thursday, August 11, 2011

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We’re Not Loading Up Landfills

Hello CD Mamas and wannabees! Forgive my lack of usual acronyms in this post, I'm new to this. I just wrapped up my first full week of cloth diapering my six week old, Hannah. After a few hiccups, I'm learning that this is a breeze and I'm so glad I made the choice to CD. My favorite part of wrapping my baby up in these cute and cuddly diaps is that the "cha ching" sound has stopped ringing in my ears the way it did as I threw out disposable after disposable.

I'm happy to report DH is on board with the system and even came along to make our first purchases. He can't wait to install the diaper sprayer and he tells everyone we know about the diaps. I'm pretty sure he's also ecstatic that he doesn't have to take out a full load of trash every day any more either. Our lovable little stinker has a habit of soiling an extra diap or two or three(!) mid-change. Anyone else have that problem?

The top five reasons we're not loading up landfills (in no particular order) are:

1. Babies have accidents on clothes when they're in disposables, so there's no way to avoid washing poo anyway.

2. Snappis make using pre-folds super easy! I tried it on a teddy bear a few times to get the hang of it since the claws are a little scary, but now it's no sweat.

3. Our baby has a full head of hair, so her cute factor is off the charts! How could I not cover that bum in super sweet patterns to match? I love the Thirsties Duo Wraps, but have my eyes set on the LadyBug Bummis next.

4. Honestly, disposables make me think of pads and I wouldn't wish those on my worst enemy. I'm snuggling DD in the softest fabrics I can find.

5. DH says, "I was raised on cloth diapers and I turned out OK."

My head is pleasantly bursting with tips and to-dos after three months of exploring the wealth of information from knowledgeable mamas. I love that the cyber community is so helpful and the information about this topic is constantly growing! I'm getting advice I didn't even know I needed from being a Facebook fan of Just today, I learned that dryer sheets can leave a residue in the dryer for future loads. I thought leaving them out of my load would have been enough, but now I can avoid a future leak by drying my covers and Fuzzibunz on a rack.

So, here's to all the mama's that have come before me. Thanks for trying and testing everything under the sun to make it easier for the future generations. I promise to take what you've learned and pass it on as frequently as I can. Until the diaper shelf at Target also stocks Hemp Prefolds and Bamboo Inserts, there is work to be done. After all, we don't inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

BIO: Jeannette is a budget-conscious mama with a degree in Design and Merchandising from Drexel University. She's cloth diapering her brand new baby girl because it's fashionable, fresh, and fabulous!


Linda said...

She is so adorable!

If she's soiling diapers mid-change, have you thought of trying elimination communication? If you know she's going to go then anyway, you may as well give it a shot.

Kristin {Sea Cow Circus} said...

Love this post :) I've thought about the pad comparison, too - especially in the hot Florida weather, I wouldn't want that plastic-y stuff sticking to my sweet baby's skin!

Jeannette said...

Good suggestion Linda! I looked into that, but it's a little too complicated now since she can't hold her head on her own. I think we'll try a combination of EC and CD once she's a little bigger.

Natalie said...

Random question for Jeannette... what diaper is she wearing in the picture?

Building our first newborn stash and eager to see how things fit as I don't know anyone locally so I can actually see the fit of diapers!

Holly said...

The pads comparison was what went through my head every time I heard them crinkle. I cringed every time we had to head to the store for more diapers, and I have twins, so it was way too often.

Tiffany Law said...

I love that you thanked those who came before. Great post.

Jeannette said...

Natalie- she's wearing a fuzzibunz xs at 7 lbs. It was still too big at the legs so we had a leak... But it was the cutest for the picture.

Nicole said...

she is gorgeous!! and... uhm.. ladybug bummis?! HELLO! I'm excited :-D