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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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I Proved my own self wrong, how embarrassing!

So as I look back on things people have said to me over the last few months of starting to cloth diaper, I want to laugh. Literally laugh out loud. Only because I used to be the same way! Ask silly questions, and laugh when I picked up a pack up cloth prefolds at babies R us wondering "Why would people want to do this!". That's all I knew though. We, in today's age, always hear "Back in the day, I clothed diapered you and used pins and you came out just fine." I told people they could save their breath, because the whole washing poop and pee was not for me. I sadly had mistaken, little to know that I would soon completely change my mind in a matter of minutes.

Myth #1 - Cloth diapering means you have to touch the babies poop, and it gets on your clothes in the wash.
-No, actually spending $44 on a diaper sprayer has saved my life, if we have a poopy diaper, I flip the switch on my BumGenious diaper sprayer, hold the diaper over the toilet (only touching the outer part) and spray away. Only to find poop in the toilet where it belongs, my hands barely wet from the clean water coming from the sprayer, and a pretty white diaper! And, what do you think washing your hands is for anyway? Don't you wash them after changing a disposable? Or after those disposable blowouts? Blowouts get on the babies clothes too right? Busted!!!!

Myth #2 - It takes too much time to cloth diaper, wash, fold, I don't have the patience.
-Then why on earth on you a parent! LOL. Patience is everything in parenting. But, I tested this myth myself. I wash diapers in between chores while I'm at home doing absolutely nothing. Wash, watch a show, rinse, do the dishes, rinse, nap, hang to dry, forget them until the sun goes down, stuff while I'm watching my shows. Then take a minute to obsess over how cute my dipes are and how much cuter they'll be on his tush! But, when I was using sposies, I would find I frequently would get down to 1 diaper!!! On a poopy day! Now, I had to get dressed, dress my baby, drive 5 miles to wal mart, use gas to get there (3.80/gallon), dig for a 3.00 off coupon for the diapers because I knew deep down what a rip off it was, wait in line, check out, use my cash (planned on eating with that), drive 5 more miles, unload a heavy car seat, feed my baby by now because I took an hour, then I can get back to my laundry. Only to dread doing it over again after going through these next 30 diapers in 4 days! Busted!!

Myth #3 - It doesn't save money, you waste more energy and use electricity washing and drying them.
-OK, so you spend a little to get started, but they say you can CD your baby to toddler age for under a $100. It's only if you want name brand, cute prints and such that things get pricey. 1 pack of name brand disposable diapers (30 ct Size 2) is $9.99. OK, 8 diapers a day, roughly, that's stretching 4 days worth (3 if my baby goes to daycare-due to overchanging). So $10/3days=100 bucks in a 30 day month. $100 X 12 months= $1200/year X 3 yrs=$3600 (roughly). Then your diaper genie liners, and trash bags. O, wow! And I could have just bought a pretty good stash of Cloth diapers with that first 100! I compared my electricity bills before and after CD'ing. Water bill stayed the same no matter how many rinses I did, electricity actually went down.....O, maybe because I hang my diapers to dry. Even with a little high heat fluffing in my dryer for my inserts only, it's lower. Interesting....Busted!!!

Myth #4 - It just sounds dirty and it smells.
-Actually, the sun sanitizes your diapers when you line dry them. My diapers smell quite nice, pretty much like nothing. A couple of cute smelly diapers in a cute little wet bag that will be washed the next day seems to be more logical then old dirty and wet diapers that sit in a diaper genies for weeks. Diaper genies can hold up to 100 diapers. Eww, that's days worth. Talk about the trip to the trash can with old dipes, or the drive to the apartment dumpster, with possible leaks. No thanks!! Busted!!

Can't believe, looking back, I asked these same questions as if I was too good for cloth diapers or something. Now I am completely opposite. It's amazing. I'm so ashamed, but just laugh at myself. I'm starting to think I'm too good for disposables, and my baby's bum is too good for those chemicals! I'll use my $3600 I save up to buy things for my new house....maybe use a little for some new prints I have my eye on!

BIO: Traci has been cloth diapering her baby boy since he was 6 month old. Started with the cheapies, but couldn't resist the prints! Now, a self proclaimed diaper addict, she enjoys her days off, when her list consist of washing diapers. Sad, but true.


Rebecca said...

Oy, how true your words are! I started off with disposables for my first 10 years ago, and after a year of poo explosions, stink-up-the-house diaper genie, rash, and huge $$$$ spent, I'd had it.

Now I'm stocking up for baby #4. My first thought when I found out I was expecting again? Not, "Oh, no, cloth diapers again?" It was: "Yippeee! I get to do cloth diapers!!!"

My only disappointment is I sold all my supplies when #3 switched to potty (three years ago! Yep, #4 is a wee surprise). But now is my chance to try out all the fab new styles that weren't around a decade ago. What could be better?

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love it!

greg said...

I think Fuzzi Bunz are an amazing idea and that is what i plan to do with my little boy once he is born. Clothe diapers all the way and thank you for sharing these awesome tips with us.

Manda said...

Love your post! I just wish more parents would give cloth diapers a try. Here's what I wrote about switching to reusable diapers: