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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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A Tropical Twist on Diaper Rash Cream!

Redness – Desitin, Bumps –Desitin, Open Sores – Desitin, Desitin – Desitin - Desitin… This is the chain of events that would occur when P got a diaper rash. P’s rashes usually occur when he is teething, but they can strike up for no reason at all, and take days to get rid of. We have been prescribed medicated diaper ointment and special spray’s to use when cleaning his bottom, all with little relief. Our method to the madness was to air dry and to keep his bottom clean and covered in smelly ointment (that is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one)!

P’s diaper rashes were one of the main reasons that I wanted to switch to cloth diapers and one of the only reason I was a little hesitant to make the switch. Before we made the switch to cloth diapers, I read a lot of information online saying that people that dealt with cloth diaper rashes ended up putting their little ones in disposables until the rash would clear up. I was flabbergasted by this information; if people were putting their children in disposables to get rid of the rash, I could only imagine the sores that would cover P’s little bottom from a cloth diaper rash!

Well with diaper rash comes diaper rash ointment… so the research continued. I was discouraged with my findings for cloth diaper ointment; most of the cloth diaper “safe” ointments still recommend that you put a liner in the diaper to protect the diaper from any leaking and repelling issues. I was determined to find something that was truly cloth diaper safe!

One day while researching newborn cloth diapers, I stumbled across some information, the article recommended that you use olive oil on your newborn’s bottom for the first week after birth to help prevent diaper rash, olive oil check (we cook with it so it is just a matter of getting it in the jar located in the nursery before babies arrival in December). The article went on to pay attribute to another type of cooking/baking oil, Coconut Oil. The article commended Coconut Oil for its quick healing ability and went on to say that it is completely cloth diaper safe. I was very intrigued so I researched further and ended up putting Coconut Oil on my shopping list, it couldn’t hurt to try.

After figuring out a diaper rash plan of attack (Coconut Oil), we ordered our cloth diapers, a sample size of CJ’s Butter Ointment and liners (as a backup plan). I then headed out to the store and purchased a jar of Coconut Oil, most local grocery stores carry it in either the cooking/baking oil section or in the pro-biotic section.

Our diapers arrived and P has been in them for 2 months, no redness, no bumps, no sores, no rashes, no Desitin…

We have been dreading the arrival of P’s final tooth! Well the other day that pesky eye tooth reared its ugly head! I picked P up from day-care and D said she thought he was teething because he had been drooling a lot (his shirt had been changed twice already and his current shirt was soaked) and he had started biting again (P’s bad bad teething habit). I asked if she noticed any rash starting (knowing that with a new tooth also comes a new rash) and she said that his bottom looked great all day! We got home and I quickly changed him, trying to stay on top of changes so a rash wouldn’t start. I changed him 3 times in a matter of 5 hours (yes a little OCD and a bit challenging when dealing with a not so patient 2 year old), after the first change his bottom looked good, the second change there was a little redness around his area (nothing to cause concern, a little air drying time was all that was needed) and by the third change, bedtime change, he was sobbing because his now bright red bottom hurt so bad! In slight panic I reached for the “emergency” drawer (packed with liners and the sample size container of CJ’s Butter ointment), but as my hand fell upon the drawer my eyes met the jar of Coconut Oil, I pushed the drawer back in its place and decided that we would test the Coconut Oil method for overnight protection. I was hopeful that it would at least contain the rash to just redness and that we wouldn’t have to bring out the 4 sole disposables that I have stashed in the bottom of the “emergency” drawer.

P was off to bed with a refreshing smell of Coconut lathered across his bottom. I set my alarm for 2am so that I could change him in an attempt to keep the rash at bay, but when I entered his room I was surprised to discover that he was soundly asleep (when he was in disposables and had a rash, he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, demanding to be changed). I couldn’t bring myself to wake him up, so I went against my better initial judgment and went with my mommy instincts (yes there are times these contradict each other) and left P to sleep peacefully.

When I went to change him in the morning I asked if his bottom hurt and he said No! I didn’t fully believe him, thinking he was still half asleep, but as I laid him on the changing table and took off his diaper I was shocked to find that there was not a red spot anywhere! NOTHING! He had a beautiful peachy baby bottom that still smelt of coconut! P and I did a happy dance and we went about our day diaper rash free!

A few “good to knows” when purchasing Coconut Oil:
1. Coconut Oil comes as soft solid, instead of as a liquid; it melts right in your hand or your babies’ bottom, I just rub my finger across the top and it melts onto my finger so I can then rub it on my little ones bottom.
2. A little goes a long way!
3. Look for an organic, cold compressed, unrefined Brand of Coconut Oil; this will ensure that you are receiving all the benefits that Coconut Oil has to offer, (if you are using Coconut Oil with little luck, it probably isn’t cold compressed and is probably a refined version, try another brand).
4. Coconut Oil is antibacterial and antifungal!!!!
5. Best of all… Coconut oil is COMPLETELY cloth diaper safe; it comes right out of cloth diapers in the wash. No need for liners or a protective barrier!
Coconut Oil will be the only thing that I reach for when a rash occurs! I feel so relieved to know we have an actual fight against diaper rash and that it is something I feel confident won’t wreak havoc on my precious stash of fluff! Don’t worry the CJ’s butter will go to good use, fighting dry and cracked skin from the harsh MN winter!

Bio: My name is Amanda and I am a mother to two amazing little boys and am expecting a little girl in December! Cloth diapering mommy who is ecstatic to have found a better smelling, faster working, and healthier alternative for Diaper Rash treatment!


Nicole Shock said...

Where did you buy your coconut oil and what brand? I'm in need of a good diaper rash cream!!! Thanks!!

JessicaAnneArborMI said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so thankful for the timing of this 9 month old has a yeast infection and an open sore. The doctor has prescribed creams and antifungal but says the sore could take months to clear up. With every diaper change I get so sad looking at his bottom (AND MY WHOLE STASH OF CLOTH DIPES!!!) but I have been keeping him in disposables because of all of the creams etc. I will be running to the store first thing in the morning to pick up the coconut oil, it is worth giving it a try :) Again, thanks so much for sharing your story!!!

ann.e said...

thank you for posting this!! I have been using disposables the last 3 nights with burts bees to get rid of a rash. I was so bummed because I hadn't bought disposables in months. I will try this tomorrow!

krystina said...

I will def tuck this away! I'm expecting #2 soon and had great luck with no rash with #1, I hope to keep it up. But just in case... thanks!

doulagirl81 said...

So excited about this post! Thanks so much for sharing! I do have one quick question, and I think it was covered, so Coconut oil safe for pocket diapers? I'm just wanting to make sure before I slather my little one's bum with my coconut oil in the pantry!!!!

doulagirl81 said...

So excited about this post! Thanks so much for sharing! So it's safe for pocket diapers??? Just want to make sure before I go slather it on my little one's bum!

Jenney said...

I am SO going to try this. My daughter can't eat anything with tomato in it along with grapes, berries, pears, or and significant amount of apples without having a horribly sore bottom.
I, of course, give her these things anyway because, well they are part of a healthy diet. But then we fight rash daily. THANK YOU for a new suggestion!

Hannah said...

I love coconut oil for baking and I had never heard of this. Good to know!

lilmrsmchenry said...

Another great thing that I reach for is corn starch! It is especially great during hot weather. I keep it in an old spice jar so that I can sprinkle it on as needed.

Cori S said...

This works AMAZINGLY! I found a jar at whole foods for about $8! So easy to use and smells great.