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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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A FuzziBunz Family

Like most cloth diapering Moms out there, their husband wasn’t on board at first. I knew if this cloth diapering challenge was going to happen I needed to find something that was Husband proof. I started doing my research and quickly realized the prefold/flat route was not going to be for us. There was no way I was going to convince him to fold and pin and then put on a cover. Next I looked into sized and realized he wasn’t going to see a return in his investment if I went down that path. So finally I decided on one -size. Of course the battle doesn’t end there. After looking at many different options I decided pocket was the way to go. I knew hybrids were out because our neighbors had some that he had changed and he wasn’t crazy about the insert that stayed on top of the cover.

I kept looking at the different one size pockets to decide which ones to get. One thing in my search for the perfect cloth diaper system for us, my husband kept saying we will only have one type of diaper. The pressure was on to find a diaper that had to work for us because I don’t know what I would do if I picked the wrong one and it didn’t fit. I ran across FuzziBunz. Their one-size says they fit as little as 7lb babies. That was awesome because most say 8-10lb babies. I knew I was a small baby and I wasn’t sure about my husband but his nickname is 5lb 7oz little baby Lippy so you can guess he isn’t a big guy. So I really would have been shocked if we were to have a big baby.

One settling on FuzziBunz one-size, I showed my husband and he agreed it looked simple enough. So we ordered 18. I get them home and prepped and adjust all the elastic to the recommended settings for a newborn. Fast forward months later and our little man is born 7lbs 5 oz. and wears fluff on the way home at 7lb. I had a skinny baby and so glad I went with this diaper. I did quickly notice that the legs and waist needed to be tightened a little more after a few poop drips down the leg. My son is now 6months and about 12 lbs. so still a tiny guy and though we now have more than FuzziBunz one size in our stash it is still the majority at about 25. We do have a couple other pocket one size such as Kawaii and Blueberry but those are on the smallest setting. The blueberry one size gaps at his legs a little and the Kawaii I struggle to make the waist as small as possible and there is a wing droop because of that.

FuzziBunz one-size ended up being the perfect diaper for my family of skinny guys. On a side note an added bonus is as a New Orleans gal it was invented in Louisiana! We do know that if we were to have a child that was smaller than 7lbs we would have to go with a newborn diaper but we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Alexandra L. is a Louisiana girl married to Minnesota Sailor currently living in Hawaii. She enjoys being a first time mom to her happy 6 month old boy.

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