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Monday, January 9, 2012

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Hiney Lineys: Versatility Made Simple!

I am so excited that Kelly’s Closet is now carrying one of my favorite cloth diapering systems, Hiney Lineys! While it is a fairly “new kid on the block”, it quickly became my go-to diaper, and when I share it with my cloth diapering pals, they fall in love with it too!

At first glance, this unique system might seem a little bit confusing, but I want to share with you how simple, versatile, and FUN it is! Think of the Hiney Liney system as a sandwich.

1. The Versa cover is the bottom layer of the sandwich. Hiney Liney Versa covers come in hook and look, or side snaps. It is made out of a PUL outer, and a really soft nylon on the inside providing water proofing and comfort.

2. The “Liney” is the top layer of the sandwich. It is made out of stay-dry suedecloth and snaps into the cover at two locations…at the tabs and in the front, under a pocket that holds in your diaper “filling”. If you have a baby sensitive to wetness, the snap-in Liney is the answer to your problem. In the past, some people have placed a stay-dry layer on top of their insert, but they often move around and get bunched up. The ingenious snap-in Liney takes care of that problem and also provides an additional barrier to prevent leaks and solids escaping.

3. The middle of your sandwich is where the fun comes in! The “filling” you put in your diaper is totally customizable!

Hiney Lineys allow you to put any kind of insert, or combination of inserts, between the Liney and Versa cover! Hiney Lineys does have a great insert that you can snap in to the Liney, but if you are cloth diapering on a budget, Hiney Lineys is your system! By purchasing a few covers and Lineys, and a handful of inexpensive inserts, you can really diaper on a dime. I received some second hand Bummis newborn prefolds, and they fit perfectly in the cover. I also have a bunch of birdseye flats that also work well under the Liney. Sometimes I add an additional booster to my flats if we are out and about, but the beauty of this system is that the front pocket keeps the inserts from shifting around. Many of us have microfiber inserts sitting around…grab one of those and slide it under the Liney!

 There are many other benefits to the Hiney Liney system. Since I’m generally washing only inserts and Lineys, cloth diaper laundry time is a breeze! I usually get diaper funk because I have hard water, but if I use cotton or hemp with my Lineys, I never have stinky diapers. Packing a diaper bag has never been easier for me…I just grab some flats, and few Lineys, and an extra cover, and we are good to go! No more bulky diaper bags. Got a serious poo mess? Just knock off your solids and place the whole thing in the diaper pail. No need to unsnap the Liney, and the insert will agitate right out. Do you like to use prefolds and Snappis? The Hiney Liney cover is a must-have for your diaper stash. The cover will keep your baby dry, but the nylon inside is soft and won’t make your baby uncomfortable. I know many babies who are sensitive to PUL covers, but give the Hiney Liney cover a try. The best of all, Hiney Lineys are made in the USA by work at home moms and grandmoms.

Give Hiney Lineys a try! I think you’ll have lots of fun trying out different insert combinations with this well thought out product, and be glad that you are supporting a made in the USA, WAHM business!

Bio: Caryn Lantz is a proud new mom though domestic adoption. When not doting over her almost one year-old, she works full time as a communications specialist and editor, and is also a freelance knit wear designer and technical editor. You can follow here on Twitter at or on her blog at


evsmarie said...

On the snap option it looks as though the size snaps are on the back? How has that been? I'm not sure why I think that bunching in the back would be more uncomfortable than bunching in the front!

Heather said...

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Tamara said...

I have been a big fan and user of Hiney Lineys for almost 3 years! I am SO happy to see them getting the "talk" they deserve!!

madreof4 said...

i just purchased my 1st 2 sets of these. i am so super excited to try them out. they seem so easy to use! after a bout of the poopies, these will be the 1st CD on my lil man!

Sara said...

These look fantastic!

Caryn Lantz said...

Hi Heather! Do you have a qustion for me (the post authro) or the Cloth Diaper Whisper folks?

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