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Sunday, February 5, 2012

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February Spotlight Mom

Liz B a Very Laid Back Mama!

I'm Liz. I've been married to my DH, Joe for 6 years. We have 2 girls, Chloe almost 4, and Lily 15 months. We started CDing when Chloe was 1.

What is the #1 reason you cloth diaper your baby? My #1 reason is for the comfort of my children. I wouldn't want to wear disposable underwear every day.

Who has been your biggest cloth diapering supporter/cheerleader? My husband has supported me through it, even when he thinks I'm kind of crazy. He never refused to cooperate and agreed to go along with what I wanted.

What is your favorite diaper and why? We have used some of almost everything. Right now our absolute favorites are flats with Grovia shells.

If you had one superhero power, what would it be and why? To be able to snap my fingers and have my house clean itself.

Describe your parenting style using three words. Very laid back!

What is one product you absolutely can't live without! My diaper sprayer.

How do you think being a mother has changed you? Parenting has taught me that not everything goes exactly to plan. I used to be an extreme planner, down to the minute, but now I've learned that having kids means letting go of that perfectionism sometimes.

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