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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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The newest convert to night-time cloth diapering

I first started researching cloth diapers when I became pregnant with my third child. Breastfeeding did not work with my first two, so I was fairly confident it wasn't going to work this time around either. It was starting to sink in that we could not afford both formula AND diapers. When I began my search I was completely overwhelmed. I decided to post on my facebook if any of my friends happened to use cloth diapers. To my surprise several of my friends used cloth diapers! They were a huge help in figuring out what diapers to buy, how to wash my diapers, and so on. I was convinced that if my friends could do this, so could I. Our stash mainly consists of prefolds, flats, covers, and a few pocket diapers. One of my friends even gave me several diapers/covers that she wasn't using!

We started using cloth on our daughter when she was 3 weeks old. I would use cloth during the day, and disposables at night. It was easy to use the disposables at night simply because we had received so many at our baby shower. Plus, I had heard so many horror stories of trying to cloth diaper at night that it was just too easy to continue doing it this way.

Well, last night as I was getting our daughter ready for bed I noticed that all of our free disposables were gone. I really didn't want to spend money on disposables when we had perfectly good diapers here. So I decided to take the plunge and give night time diapering a go! I prepared two pocket diapers -- one to start off in, and the other to change her in to during her nighttime feeding. For the first diaper I used a Bum Genius 4.0 stuffed with an infant sized prefold and two homemade hemp doublers. The second diaper was an Oh Katy pocket stuffed with a flat and a BabyKicks Hemparoo doubler. I decided to use natural fibers instead of the microfiber inserts because I didn't want to be dealing with compression leaks as she rolled around at night. Plus, I have heard night time pee can lead to more microfiber stink.

So how did it go? Fantastic! When she woke up for her night time feeding, she was perfectly dry. Changing her diaper was quick and easy, and she was back in bed right after her bottle. When she woke up this morning we still had no leaks! I couldn't believe all this time I had been using disposables out of a silly fear that it was just going to be too hard to use cloth at night. I am now venturing into the world of 100% cloth diapers with absolutely no reservations.

Ollie is a very budget conscience stay-at-home mom of three beautiful girls. When she's not busy taking care of her family she can be found teaching piano lessons and volunteering at school and church.


playmobil top agents said...

Despite the commonality of this problem, there is a definite stigma related to bedwetting and wearing bedwetting diapers. Don't let this effect your child from living his/her life.

A. Kline said...

How did you make your hemp doublers? I am looking at getting some for my son right now.