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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Three Things Make Cloth Wipes Easy!

I love using cloth wipes more than using cloth diapers. Compared to their disposable counterparts, they just do the job so much better. One good cloth wipe (Thirsties fab wipes are our favorites) can do the job of over a dozen disposables when faced with one of my daughter’s mega-poos.

There are challenges with cloth wipes however, and they come in two forms; preparation and storage. I’ve found three inexpensive solutions to both of them. (Prices are from, but I paid less for all three at my local mega-mart)

1) Rubbermaid Servin Saver Mixing Pitcher ($10). Cloth wipe solutions usually are some mixture of oil, soap and water. When made ahead of time they will separate faster than your favorite salad dressing. To counteract this you can prepare a batch of solution in this handy pitcher (it even has measurements on the side!) then just pump the handle a few times before pouring it over the day’s supply of wipes. I hear this also works well for Sangria, but we’ll have to wait until after breastfeeding to find out…

2) Oxo Good Grips POP storage container, 1 qt ($14). This has an internal rubber gasket that creates an airtight seal and keeps your wipes fresh. With the push of one hand (the other one being on your baby of course) you can open your container and retrieve a wipe. We have a $30 wipes warmer in the closet that never was used. This is smaller, cheaper, easier to clean and doesn’t spill when knocked over in the middle of the night. The clear container not only gives you a great view of your cute wipes, it’s easy to tell when you need more J

3) Tea Tree Oil ($15 for 2 oz). Admittedly, this seems expensive for such a little bottle, but it will L A S T. Not only is this great for baby’s skin, adding one drop per cup of wipe solution will it fresh for up to a week. No more mustiness!

Wipe solution recipes abound on the web, find one and make it your favorite. Better yet, Kelly’s Closet sells plenty of wipe solutions that are ready to go with minimal preparation. We make up a quart of solution twice a week and store it in the fridge. Once a day I just pour the solution over some dry wipes, and we’re good to go!

Melissa Lindsey is on a short hiatus from her nursing career while she cares for her infant daughter and moves across the country. In the short space between Evelyn's bedtime and her own, she enjoys reading, knitting and hanging out with her fabulous husband.


LuckyMama923 said...

The OXO container idea is great! I have been debating switching to cloth wipes at daycare and this may be the solution. A wipes container seems like it would dry out too fast. Thanks!

Leslie said...

When I first saw this post a few months ago, I had this lightbulb moment. Why, oh why, wasn't the OXO container an obvious solution to cloth wipes before seeing this? I have no idea, but oh well, the idea was planted and I kept the page book marked for future reference (we don't have a little one in the house...yet). Well, 2 weeks ago we got the opportunity to try it out when we had a 13 month old placed in our care. It's worked out wonderfully, and I'm so thankful for the idea! I have no idea what I would have been doing otherwise...probably trying to spray either the baby's bum or the wipes as I needed them, and that would have just been a mess waiting to happen.

Yesemia garza-medina said...

I have been looking for a way to store my wipes. I have never found a solution. Yours is just great. I am going to go buy it today. Now I just need a good wipe solution. Thank you for your blog, love it.