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Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Cloth Diaper Advocate? Nah, Just a Mom Who Loves Cloth Diapers

My husband and I were entertaining some guests for a late lunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Their one-year-old son was with them, and we were just waiting for my 8 month old daughter to wake and come play with him.

I finally heard her playing around, sounds of her babbling, “dadadadada” coming from her room, loud and clear. Yay, she’s up! I head to her room, nurse her, and bring her out in her Limited Edition Itti Bitti Tutto. The delicious minky so soft and plush. The colors so vibrant and beautiful. Heads turned and stared. What in the world is that?? A cloth diaper?

Heck yeah, it’s a cloth diaper. You’re so jealous right now, I know it.

I literally live for these moments. I love when I get to pick out my cutest diaper, snap it onto my baby, and show it off for the world to gasp and say, “What?!?!”

Love. it.

It helps that I used to work in a baby boutique that sold cloth diapers. They were an amazing store that taught me so much about natural living, cloth diapers, and everything in between. I got to see and feel and touch so many brands, and talk to parents about the pros and cons of each diaper. I got to see tons of diapers on tons of babies. I got to talk about cloth diapers all day long. Dream come true.

I know, I’m a dork.

But it taught me how to approach people. Not to be pushy, not to say my opinion abrasively and unsolicited, not to be passive aggressive when talking about chemicals, costs and environmental impacts of disposables.

Nah, now I just sit back and wait. The time will come. They’ll see for themselves. And they won’t be able to hold it in when they see her squishy diaper on her squishy legs. Oh, they’ll want to know. They’ll be dying to know.

I still talk to the Negative Nellie’s. You know the type – Oh, I would never do that. It’s just not for me. Sometimes they frustrate me… especially when they’re family members. Sometimes they push my buttons so hard that it makes me want to spew my point loud and clear all over the homemade brownies they’re chowing down on, or tell them to take their opinions elsewhere, and Yes, I will keep those brownies for myself.

But mostly, I just tell myself to wait. Remind myself that the time will come when they’ll be throwing thousands of dollars into a landfill full of poopy stinky diapers, and they will realize what an impact this has on their life. And I’ll be there, with open arms, waiting to show them how their world, and their babe’s world, can change.

BIO: Jenna Guizar is the wife to an incredible husband, and mother to two beautiful girls. She loves her family, cloth diapers and getting into friendly discussions about politics, religion and global warming ;)


Brittney said...

I love this!

Cesi said...

Great post!! I Cloth Diaper and practice EC, and I dont even know what to say when other Mom's want to pick fights about it! I'm so curious what other people say to negative public reactions.. (especially family members!) Anyone have any clever comebacks?? lol