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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Everything Is Prettier When You Cloth Diaper

I cloth diaper for a number of reasons. Yes, I care about the environmental impact of all of those disposables in landfills and I want to do my part to cut down on that. Yes, I care about keeping all those chemicals in disposable diapers away from my baby’s skin. And yes, I definitely care about the cost savings. Really, who doesn’t like to save money? But there are times when secretly I care a whole lot more about one thing:

Everything is prettier when you cloth diaper.

I know, I know, its shallow. But all you have to do is put the disposable and cloth diaper equivalents next to each other and its no longer a matter of opinion, it is just plain fact. Cloth diapers and their accessories are cuter. Lets start with the diapers themselves, since that is the most obvious. So many colors, textures, fun designs! Cloth diaper shopping can become quite addictive. I can’t get enough of them! FuzziBunz, bumGenius, Rumparooz, Bamboo Baby, Apple Cheeks, Flips, oh I could go on and on! Next to all those pretty diapers there are plain white disposables. Hmmm.

Next up are wipes. Boring old baby wipes that end up in landfills or pretty and soft pieces of flannel or bamboo that lovingly clean baby’s bum and then get washed and used all over again? For me this is a no brainer. And I venture to say that probably every wipes spray out there smells better than the packaged disposable wipes do. Whether you choose wipes bits, Booty Luster, or Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion, your babies bum will get cleaned without all the excess chemicals in commercial wipes that dry some babies’ skin out and it will smell better while you are doing it. Double win.

Speaking of cleaning, have you noticed all the lovely scents that many cloth diaper detergents are available in? Ruby Moon even has a Scent of the Month club! Once your diapers are washed then there is nothing cuter than a close line full of pretty cloth diapers, all getting some sun. I love putting up my retractable clothes line and hanging all the diapers up to flap in the fresh air for a bit. It doesn’t even feel like a laundry chore, to me it is more like a meditation. Sunshine, breeze, and pretty diapers.

Maybe you are wondering about those dirty diapers. Perhaps you think there is no way a dirty diaper can be cuter in cloth than one you get to just throw away. It definitely can though. Just look at the pretty patterned wetbags out there compared to little plastic throw away bags. Whether you go for Planetwise, Kissas, or a WAHM wetbag there are definitely cute ones out there to suit every personality.

Finally we get to the bum. Baby bums are always cuter in cloth than in plastic!

I admit it might be a shallow reason to cloth diaper but sometimes the environmental impact can seem so distant or the convenience of tossing out a disposable might seem to outweigh the benefit of the cost savings and you just need a bright side that is right there in front of you. So just smile smugly to yourself next time you are discouraged because you get all this super cute stuff that sposie users totally miss out on!

Bio: Somer Johnson is an accountant in Tulsa, OK who is lucky enough to get to work from home so she can spend time with her new baby girl. She blogs about life, knitting, and her precious little one at Knit-O-Matic.

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Colleen said...

Love it. I'm guilty of feeling this way too, more often than I should. I always hate to cover his pretty little cloth diapered bum up.... for that reason I'm glad it's summer time. :)