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Monday, June 18, 2012

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Cloth Tested Kid Approved

This past February I decided to cloth diaper my daughter, let me take that back. This past February my girlfriend wanted me to stop complaining about my toddler peeing through her disposable diapers every night that she gave me a Bum Cheeks Pocket Diaper and an Indian Cotton pre-fold with a Flip Cover to try for nap & bedtime. She also knew I was playing with the idea of cloth diapering my second child, which I was severely pregnant with at the time.

Anyway I took the cloth home & slapped it on my daughter. An all I could do was laugh so hard because my tiny little toddler had a major ghetto booty in the pre-fold & Flip. I called my husband upstairs to come take a look at my horrible pre-folding skills so he could laugh too.

The next thing I know, my awesome hubby quips out the best pre-fold diaper and then puts the Flip cover on like a champ with me saucing at him. WHERE DID HE LEARN THAT?! I felt dumb but then the hubby looks at me and says,"Boy Scouts Baby." LOL, this is really funny to me because he is a SGT in the US Army. After seeing my husband's pre-folds skills & seeing no hesitation about using cloth diapers I knew I should give it a go.

That night I thought I'd look around for more cloth diapers. I think my girlfriend hated me for the first month as I was looking for sales and calling 'WAY TOO MANY' times to ask a diaper question. My so supportive husband would laugh because he said I was getting obsessed with diapering. Honestly, one really has to be right? I mean, if I didn't research I wouldn't have known that urine crystallizes and stays in diaper or that microfiber is a NO NO on skin. With all the research the husband and I learned a lot more then we expected.

Long story short, my daughter woke up dry. I will say it again DRY! For the first time in I don't know how long I did not have to strip her bed and wash everything. Which also meant MORE DIAPER SHOPPING FOR THS MOMMA. :) YAY ME

Cloth worked so well on my toddler I chose to cloth my 2nd child Keaton. When Keaton arrived April 10, 2012 I started out using disposables in the hospital (German hospital), and then switched once we arrived home. At home I still had a small stash for diapering two kiddos. However, I did have 4 GroVia NB AIOs, 2 Lil Joeys, 12 infant Prefolds with 2 XS Thirsties Covers so I felt prepared for this new challenge. Let just say I was no where near prepared for it. Cloth diapering a newborn with prefolds was hard for me because my son always locked his legs. OK, OK…he is over 2 months old now and I'm finally starting to master the pre fold so I can't blame the baby, even though it is easier.

However, even though my prefolding skills are far from perfect the cloth still contains the poo a lot better then any disposable diaper. When my daughter was a newborn she had so many blow outs that I was thankful that the poo didn't stain her precious outfits. Now we are blowout free & chemical free with money in our pocket.

My name is Jennifer Cipollone & I'm an SAHM and a devoted Army Wife. I have two children Kaitlyn 2 years old & Keaton 2 months old. My family is what I am all about.


Elizabeth S said...

Welcome to the dark side lol!!

PineappleMama said...

My husband is excited about cloth diapering our first...due in november. He's military as well...I guess they just aren't scared of too much ;) haha