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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Dry sheets are a possibility!

Cloth diapering at night time can be one of the trickiest things to figure out. It’s frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night to one of two scenarios:
  1. Your child is awake and screaming because their pajamas (and their sheets) are soaked.
  2. Your child is sleeping just fine, maybe wakes up to eat, and you find them soaked. They are ready to fall back into dream land (if they haven’t already), but unfortunately you have to strip them naked and change everything, awakening their senses and causing you to lose precious sleep.
Soaked sheets and pajamas are even more annoying if you co-sleep. Do you wake your spouse up to help you change the sheets? Or do you do what most sleep deprived moms have done more than they care to admit and just throw a towel over the soaked sheet and fall back asleep?

Don’t let your piles of laundry and lack of sleep get the best of you! There are wonderful cloth diaper solutions out there. It’s just a matter of trial and error and finding what works best for your little one.

Microfiber can lead to compression leaks, so I tend to stay away from that whenever my son is sleeping. Natural fibers (hemp, cotton, bamboo, wool) are all great options for nighttime. Although, if you find that your child isn’t a heavy wetter, try pairing a hemp doubler with a regular pocket diaper. This would never work for my son, but many parents don’t have problems using microfiber at night.

Personally, I have a lot of success with a  Flip organic insert paired with a Hemp Babies doubler in a Flip cover. This combo gets my heavy wetter through as much as 14 hours of sleep with no leaks!

I’ve also found two cotton flat diapers can be super absorbent! I pad fold one and use the happy anteater fold on the other.  I love this nighttime solution because it’s very inexpensive!

Fitted diapers are another great solution! They are incredibly absorbent.  Just make sure you put a cover around it!  Many moms swear by Sustainablebabyish fitteds for nights. 

Instead of a regular PUL cover, try wool which is breathable and great to use both in summer or winter.

Pajamas can make a difference too! When trying a new solution, put fleece pajamas on your baby. The fleece helps wick away the moisture. Even if your child leaks, as long as you get to it soon enough, hopefully the sheets will stay dry!

Don’t lose heart and lastly, don’t give up! Check out all of Kelly’s Closet’s nighttime solutions here. Or shout out on the Facebook page for advice. The Kelly’s Closet team and many experienced mamas would love to help you troubleshoot your nighttime issues. Both you and your baby will be glad to be getting more sleep!

Jenny is a stay at home cloth diapering mama. She writes about her cloth diaper obsession and adventures on her blog Cloth Diaper Revival.

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Melissa said...

I never would have thought to use fleece PJ's to wick away moisture. I will have to try that.