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Thursday, June 7, 2012

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A Few Little Things

When I began cloth diapering, I figured that all I needed were a few diapers. I had watched my friends change their little ones and it seemed straightforward; buy a cloth diaper…use a cloth diaper. All my friends ever seemed to need for a successful diaper change was a clean cloth diaper, or so I thought. I honestly never stopped to think about the other little things they owned to go along with their diapers. However, just a little bit of research opened my eyes to the wide array of cloth diapering accessories available. I now realize that I must not have been watching my friends very closely!

I have now been successfully cloth diapering my dear little girl for 8 months and I have purchased and come to love several of my accessories. In fact, at this point in my cloth diapering journey, I do not think I could live without these little things! While there are nearly endless accessory options, three of my accessories have become my favorites. My favorite cloth diapering accessories include my diaper sprayer, my wet bag, and my hemp inserts.

My absolute favorite of all my accessories is my diaper sprayer. If I had to give away my all cloth diapering accessories except for one, the diaper sprayer would definitely be the one to stay. I love this little tool because it makes removing soiling from a diaper SO MUCH easier. Before I bought this little wonder, I used a small piece of toilet paper to scrape off the soiling. This was not terribly effective and required much more interaction with a dirty diaper than I like. Once my diaper sprayer arrived, it became so much easier to remove soiling and I did not dread the task so much!

Another favorite is my wet bag. I honestly do not know what I would do without this little thing. When I first started with cloth, I have to admit that I was worried about what to do with the dirty diapers while out on the go. I was not sure that I wanted a dirty diaper in the diaper bag on my shoulder. I was very worried that the dirty diaper might leak on other items in the bag. Once I began using my wet bag, these fears were completely relieved. Using this little bag, I can confidently throw even the most soiled diaper in the diaper bag and know that it will not cause a problem.

A third favorite cloth diapering accessory is my hemp inserts. When I first bought my stash of FuzziBunz diapers, I used only the microfiber inserts that were included with the diapers. Experience, and quite a few leaks, has taught me that a variety of inserts in different materials allows for much flexibility in cloth diapering. Hemp is my favorite material for inserts because it is so trim and so absorbent even for the heaviest wetters. By using hemp inserts, I can turn my diapers into a workable leak-free 12-hour nighttime diaper.

These accessories, which now feel essential, are just a few little things that make my cloth diapering experience easier. They are a few little things that I would definitely recommend to all who endeavor to cloth diaper.

Bio: Danielle Abril is a stay at home mom to her darling 9-month old daughter. She blogs about cloth diapering and being a mother at

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Anonymous said...

I agree! Love my wet bag and hemp inserts!