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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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The Sneetches, and the Art of a Pocket Diaper

I love Dr. Seuss and yo celebrate I'm adding to my stash. But wait, I can't find any Dr. Seuss diapers anywhere, how do you do this? I solved this problem by making a hidden pul pocket diaper.

Well, the best place to start is a template. Find a diaper you like (or two or three with different things you like about each one), a ruler, and a sharpie. Create something that looks like this:

Then you need to lay out your material. Lay out: the lining material (I prefer flannel), the print, and the pul. Remember to put your lining and print right sides together. In this scenario the pul side should be face up. Then you cut out the material. I prefer a rotary cutter, but scissors would also do the job.

After you have cut out your material you add the snaps for the rise (since this is a os diaper) and the snaps for the front, or the velcro. Whichever you like. I suggest laying out the male and female parts of the snaps in a rough design of what you want so all you have to do is grab as you are using the press or pliers. Put the snaps through the pul and print, but not the liner. Start with the snaps nearest the middle for best results. This gives you a double layer through the snap, and a cover against baby once you turn it. After you put the snaps on align the layers like you did when you cut the fabric out. Don't worry about the tab snaps, those are the last thing.

When you pin the pul/print to the liner to sew the seam, only pin in the seam allowance. (Holes in pul = BAD!!) Typically the seam allowance is 0.25 inches, so if you have a quilting foot, get to know it. Stitch the border seam at the scant 0.25 seam allowance. Turn the diaper. Tack the elastic (12.5 inches when stretched of 0.25 inch width elastic for legs, 10 inches for back) to the leg part. I find the second rise snap to be a good part in the front, and the curve for the tab a good place in the back. Like so:

Topstitch the diaper and be aware of the elastic casings. To make the leg casings, ensure you have about a 0.375 inch topstitching seam. When stitching the casings, pull the elastic taunt so you get the bunching required once you are done. Now, you add the flap snaps and you have a fun diaper with whatever print you want! You get to do a bad thing before you put it on baby though, put it in the dryer on HIGH for about 5 minutes. This will help seal the pul around the seams.

Bio: Carolyn is a work at home mom and regularly reads Dr. Seuss to her 10 month old daughter. In her spare time, her sewing machine gets a work out, provided she isn't hitting the trails pushing/pulling said daughter along.


Mary Ann said...

That is so cute! Thanks for sharing. :-)

SIerra said...

You make it sound so easy. :)

Sabrina Kayser said...

We are just starting our CD journey. So far my fav is a pocket! I can't wait to make one myself!!