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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Captain Fluff Goes On Vacay!

A few weeks ago Captain Fluff went to visit his grandparents in Smalltown, USA. In Smalltown they have nothing and it’s pretty secluded so Captain Fluff really enjoyed himself. However, because it’s so secluded, they have super soft well water and Captain Fluff is used to using hard city water on his superhero diapers. Luckily for Captain Fluff his grandmother was able to help and give some hints about washing his diapers in this new water.

Captain Fluff’s mom had packed some samples of EcoSprout detergent so they were all prepared when Captain Fluff’s diapers needed to be washed. Instead of putting in the normal 4 tbsp of detergent like is needed in his hard city water, we were able to use only 2 tbsp of detergent in the super soft well water. After just two short washes, Captain Fluff’s diapers were squeaky clean and ready to be aired out in the beautiful sunshine.

There was just one little problem. Captain Fluff didn’t have his diaper drying rack! Not to worry, Captain Fluff’s grandfather was there to save the day! His superhero grandfather covered the bed on his truck and Captain Fluff was able to have all of his diapers dry in the nice, hot sun. And do you want to know an added benefit of all that sun on Captain Fluff’s diapers? They were so bright and white when they were dry that they all looked brand new!

One last tip to all traveling superhero moms: Don’t get discouraged! There is always a way to get the diapers clean and there is always another superhero parent, or grandparent, hiding just around the corner to help you out just in case you need it :)

Katy is a first time mommy to Captain Fluff and is expecting a superhero daughter before Thanksgiving. To see more pictures of Captain Fluff and his superhero diapers, check out Katy’s blog at

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