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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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July Spotlight Family

Erin Anderson

We are a growing family of five (when you include our lovable golden retriever) committed to leaving this world to our children in better shape than we found it!

What is the #1 reason you cloth diaper your baby? We just could not imagine spending so much money to put chemicals we didn't want on our babies in the first place, in the landfills.

Who has been your biggest cloth diapering supporter/cheerleader? My mom, she is always supportive of my "not-so-mainstream" parenting decisions.

What is your favorite diaper and why? The bumGenius 4.0, we have two babies in cloth and these make cloth diapering a snap (pun intended) even for Daddy!

If you had one superhero power, what would it be and why? Carrying two babies, a diaper bag, & a golden retriever up three flights of stairs in a single bound! Wait, I already do that.

Describe your parenting style using three words. Gentle, loving, strong.

What is one product you absolutely can't live without? Bummis biodegradable flushable liners for on the go.

How do you think being a parent has changed you? In every way possible. I'm still me, but I'm a better, more conscious, ever-learning me. Everything I do is motivated by bettering myself, my life, and this Earth for my children.

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