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Sunday, July 22, 2012

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Teaching Responsibility With Fluff

Using cloth diapers is a wonderfully responsible thing to do. It feels so good not to be the kind of parent who sits hundreds of stinky disposable diapers on the curb each week for someone to pick up and haul off to a landfill. Naturally, I'd like to teach my children to be responsible as well. That is why I've begun giving my two-year old some very simple chores to complete each day.

Her biggest chore is helping me wash and dry her baby brother's cloth diapers. I first call for her assistance when i have a wet diaper that she can take to the diaper pail. She doesn't seem to mind at all and sometimes, she's just waiting at my side to do the job. Such a sweetie. Next, when it is time to wash, she helps me toss them all into the washing machine. After the wash cycle - I unload the washer and give her all of the inserts and cloth wipes to put into the dryer. She puts them all in and slams the dryer door shut with all her might. Then she helps me hang the diaper shells and when they are dry - she likes to pull them down from the banister for me.

It is all loads of fun for her. And it makes washing the diapers more of a chance to teach my girl about responsibility - both in taking care of her baby brother and taking care of mother earth.

-Amanda W.

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Janine (Alternative Housewife) said...

Cloth diaper laundry - It's loads of fun! *slaps knee*