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Thursday, January 31, 2013

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One-Size vs Sized Debate

When I first started seriously researching cloth diapers, my son had just turned one and weighed around 24 pounds. One size diapers, claiming to work from birth to potty training, seemed like the most logical choice when it came to making an investment in a stash. Our initial stash was just that – one size diapers of mostly bumGenius 4.0 with some Kawaii pockets as well. They all worked great and since he was a little bigger at the time he didn’t have nearly the bubble butt I was expecting.

All was well for several months until he outgrew some of the one size brands (FuzziBunz, Kawaii, Rumparooz, and some WAHM diapers). It wasn’t that he outgrew the weight range, it was more his big frame and that his waist was too big. Our go to night time diaper no longer fit and even the BumGenius were getting to be a tight squeeze after stuffing for over night. I went back to the drawing board and decided to try out some FuzziBunz perfect size. Problem solved once again! These diapers were able to do the job over night and looked more comfortable on him. Even now at about 34 pounds, there are some brands (bumGenius & Happy Heiny’s) that he can wear in the one size but he also wears a few sized diapers as well.

Our second son was born this past winter & for the first time, we were cloth diapering a newborn. After using a combination of fitteds, prefolds and covers for the itty bitty stage, I was able to transition him into the one size diapers as well, at around 12 pounds. I was shocked at how tiny they could get. The first one size to fit him really well was the Rumparooz. Now at 6 months and 20 pounds, he is utilizing all of the diapers his big brother has outgrown as well as some bumGenius which still makes up the bulk of our stash. He also has a few sized FuzziBunz that I like to use when looking for a trim fitting option.

Utilizing one size diapers is the way to go financially. Check around to see what brands have worked best for other people with babies similar to size & shape as yours. Depending on the size of your baby, you may find a sized diaper to have a better fit and be less bulky than a one size. If going the sized route, you can always sell the smaller set to fund the new set. I have found each type of diaper has a use in our stash.

The final reason I like one size diapers is because I am one of the worst diaper bag packers on the planet. It is so nice that both boys can wear the same diaper with just adjusting the rise snaps quickly. On more than one occasion I have had to substitute out because somebody went through more diapers than I was anticipating or simply because I was frazzled & rushed trying to get out the door with a toddler and a baby and am unprepared! I don’t think things would work out as well trying to put a 2 year olds disposable diaper on an infant or vice versa!

By Megan


Pix said...

Wait you prefer OS even though most stopped fitting your son well before he was 2? I'm confused :)

Amanda Hanks said...

I love your blog! I was wondering this since my son is 9mo and 20lbs. His OS diapers still fit so far but we are thinking of another baby. New baby means new diapers! So I was wondering what I wanted to get!

Megan said...

He did outgrow some of the OS brands that run a bit smaller (fuzzibunz, kawaii, etc). The Bumgenius did fit him all of the way to potty training (33 pounds) except for at night time because of all of the extra inserts :) I used sized diapers on him at night time.