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Monday, February 18, 2013

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Secret Weapon in the War on Poop

When I talk to families considering cloth, they all have the same few fears. One on the list is normally the laundry, two is the initial investment, and three is ALWAYS how to deal with the poop!

No one likes to deal with human waste, no one. That's normal and understandable. However, parents assume that, if they choose to cloth diaper, they are going to have to deal with more poop than they would with disposables. This doesn't have to be the case. There are lots of modern cloth diapering solutions to make waste elimination easy. One of my personal favorites is flushable diaper liners.

Flushable diaper liners are made of are made of either rayon or bamboo viscose, so they are soft on baby's skin and biodegrade quickly. Flushable liners work by letting all the liquid waste run through to the diaper while all the solid waste gets caught on the liner. To use flushable liners, simply lay the liner in the diaper and place it on baby. When you change the diaper, throw wet liners in the trash or, if there is solid waste in the diaper, throw the liner with the poop in the toilet and flush.

Some brands of flushable liners can be rinsed and hung to dry if they are not soiled. Also, some families who use flushable liners wash their flushable liners if they aren't soiled, and some brands will last two to three washes before they completely break down. Read the directions on the brand of liners you choose, and be willing to experiment to get the best longevity out of your liners.

Some families choose to use flushable liners with every diaper change, while some save them for when they have to be out of the house. Since flushable liners cost only two to eight cents a piece, liners are an affordable option for most families, especially when compared with disposables, that can run from 18 to 35 cents each.

The best part of liners is that you never have poop lingering in your house. Forget stinky wet bags or pails! Also, since liners can be flushed down any toilet, flushable liners are an easy-to-use solution when you're out of the house. Flushable liners are also a great way to convince skeptical spouses or caregivers to try cloth diapering. And, at only eight to ten dollars a roll, they don't take a huge investment to try out.

If you haven't tried out flushable liners, take the plunge and order some today. They make cloth diapering easier and cleaner than ever before. If you haven't started cloth diapering yet, flushable liners may be just the accessory you need to convince everyone in your life to make the switch. Cloth diapering doesn't have to mean playing in the poop. Try out some flushable liners today and win the war on poop.

Bio: Heather is a fourth-generation Montanan, mom to two crazy boys, and wife to one amazing husband. You can follow her eco-sensible lifestyle at


Kelly Johnson said...

I think this is a great option for people who are squeamish about poopy diapers. I have some and have only used them a few times, since Peanut is just starting solids.

Mystie said...

I have heard this works great but have never tried them. This may be a good option for me since I have yet to invest in a diaper sprayer! And my mother in law watches the baby during the day. This would be way easier!

Anonymous said...

We use these all the time and love them. We also have a sprayer but I prefer liners.